Monday, December 21, 2015

Review of Barbarian Lover (Ice Planet Barbarians #3) by Ruby Dixon

As one of the few humans stranded on the ice planet, I should be happy that I have a new home. Human women are treasured here, and one alien in particular has made it clear that he wants me. It's hard to push away the sexy, flirtatious Aehako, when all I want to do is grab him by his horns and insist he take me to his furs.

But I've got a terrible secret - the aliens who abducted me are back, and thanks to the translator in my ear, they can find me. My presence here endangers everyone... but can I give up my new life and the man I want more than anything?

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Treasured and adored by the aliens on a bizarre ice world, Kira hides her true feelings behind a mask. Aehako continues to flirt, and lay claim to her with his eyes in the next installment of Ice Planet Barbarians by author extraordinaire Ruby Dixon. Barbarian Love is the third book in this captivating series and tells Aehako and Kira’s hauntingly poignant love story.

From the beginning, Kira remembers the abduction and the brutal insertion of her translator.  She can communicate with the aliens and knows that they are returning to claim their kidnapped cargo.  Aehako has not resonated to Kira, but his heart tells him she is his mate.  She is scared to allow Aehako into her heart for fear that his symbiont will choose another.  She holds a secret that could lead to a lonely existence on this ice world, but he will not allow her to ignore him.  He knows she is his and he only has to convenience her.  When the dreaded enemy returns to lay claim to the kidnapped women, Kira takes action and prepares to destroy them once and for all.

I truly loved Aehako's laid back personality.  He was a leader yet he knew life was short and enjoyed every moment the he was given.  He relished the love he felt for Kira and strived to make her happy.  Ruby Dixon is a master! Her vision is brilliant and a welcome to my eBook library.  The only problem I have is, when the next book will be available to read! 

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