Monday, May 9, 2016

Review of Boarlander Silverback (Boarlander Bears #3) by T.S. Joyce

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Alison Holman has been assigned to enforce the new laws around Damon’s mountains, but a chance meeting in the woods with rip-roaring, chest-beating, musclebound gorilla shifter, Kirk Slater, and she’s questioning everything. The Boarlanders aren’t what she thought, and the more Kirk shows her his world, the more the line between humans and shifters is blurred. But as she falls head over heels for her man, a war is brewing that she is unwittingly a part of. She’ll have to let her heart decide where her loyalties lie, because suddenly, the job she was sent here to do doesn’t make sense anymore. And one of those illegal claiming marks from the man she loves is becoming mighty tempting. 

Kirk Slater is a logger by trade and a fully mature silverback shifter ready to make some big life decisions. He has everything figured out until he meets Alison, the beautiful undercover cop with a tough, tatted up exterior and a serious soft side that has his gorilla roaring to be with her. Too bad she’s arrived right in the middle of a storm brewing over his crew. Now Kirk has to figure out if he can trust her and fast…because the biggest threat to Damon’s mountains might just be the woman who has stolen his heart. 

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences. 

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

What do you get with a dominant, alpha silverback gorilla shifter and a tough as nails cop are thrust together?  Hot, steamy awesomeness!  In T.S. Joyce’s third book in the Boarlander Bears series, Boarlander Silverback, the author gives her readers another look at Damon Daye’s people who live on his mountains in Wyoming.  Being true to her other books, we are gifted with the camaraderie of the Boarlander, Gray Back, Saw Bears, and Lowlander crews along with the devotion of Damon the dragon.  The love and loyalty portrayed in these stories can only be called beautiful.  T.S. Joyce has created a world full of shifters and romance.   

Kirk Slater is a silverback gorilla and is on loan to the Boarlander crew.  At the end of logging season he will need to return to his family group with Kong his alpha.  However, Kirk is having a hard time dealing with the prospect of leaving his new found crew, even if he isn’t officially a member.  When he meets the illusive Alison Holman his world takes a turn in a different direction and Kirk longs for everything he’s never wanted.

Alison Holman or better known as “ghost” among her colleagues is trying to escape a past full of heartache and secrets.  Taking a new assignment in the mountains of Wyoming and tasked with keeping humans off Damon Daye’s mountain, while policing the interactions of the shifters and humans.  Although when she took this assignment she was broken and meeting the beautiful Kirk Slater has given her hope of a better life, of a new beginning.

As with all of the books this author creates, this one grabbed hold of me and I couldn’t put it down until I was finished!  T.S. Joyce portrays the love of family bonds, sacrifice and true love.  Finding a perfect match or mate and surviving in this fictitious world where shifters and humans live along side each other causes a struggle born by diversity and the people who are scared of anything not like them. I applaud T.S. Joyce for her insight into the realm of fiction, while at the same time showing us that everyone, no matter the differences deserve to live and love.

Another wonderful addition to my library.  Thank you T.S. Joyce!

TSRBR Reviewer

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