Friday, June 5, 2015

Review of Apollo (Luna Lodge #5) by Madison Stevens

Still bitter over the loss of his last real chance at bonding, the hybrid Apollo has slowly alienated his friends and colleagues at Luna Lodge. Trying to convince himself that love makes the hybrids weak, he’s decided to dedicate his life to protecting the other hybrids, even if it means he can never find true happiness. 

Though he’s convinced the hybrids are ignoring the continuing dangers in their midst, including harboring the affable but suspicious Rem, his superiors seem more interested in having him babysit a security technician than putting his skills to use helping to secure their compound. 
Val Hart pulled a lot of strings and committed more than a few cyber-crimes to get herself a temporary technician job with the suspicious hybrids for a mission that may allow her finally to understand why she’s felt different all her life. When her unexpected and intense attraction to Apollo threatens her focus, she has to do what she can to distance herself from the hybrid. After all, Val knows the truth about love: it’s nothing but a gateway to loss. 

As the pair tangle over their emotional wounds, the enemies of Luna Lodge wait in the shadows, preparing to launch their deadliest strike yet. 

Overall Rating:  3.25 Rockin’ ★★★
What happened to our happy, easy going Apollo? The Luna Lodge series by Madison Stevens is a favorite paranormal/suspense romance series of mine, that I have really enjoyed reading up until book 5, Apollo.  He has become angry at the world and suspects everyone.  In previous books, his jokes kept the story fun and enjoyable and it's hard to believe in a year's span that he would become so jaded, that even his fellow hybrids are concerned and worried.

The Horatius Group continues to stay one step ahead of the hybrids, and they have to figure out how this is happening.  Tightening security begins and a specialist is hired to help get it up and running.  Valentine Hart is self-taught and excels in security, but she has a mission of her own and gaining access to the Lodge brings her one step closer to her target.

Apollo and Val are two of the most unlikely individuals to end up in a pairing, yet at the same time you can feel how they complete one another.  Each being served an unfair start in life and searching for something that neither one knew they wanted or needed.  Their adventure is exciting and the secrets once revealed explain another piece of the puzzle for the hybrids.  The author also gives us insight into the next couple and I really cannot wait for Jenna and Rem's story.  Both have been involved in the storylines and yet there is a veil of secrecy and an unknown that intrigues me.

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