Friday, June 12, 2015

Review of Kneus (Terraneu #4) by Stormy McKnight

Gwen- Settled into her new life on Terraneu Gwen is happy and fitting in for the first time in her life. She has friends, is a member of the female council and is working closely with the man whose tormented eyes had drawn her in to begin with. She is working against time to earn Kneus' trust and get a glimpse of his inner demons. Can her love save the only man she can see having a future with? 

Kneus- Since the arrival of the first female Kneus has sacrificed pieces of himself to ensure the continuity of his people. Volunteering to spend time on Earth finding women that would fit in on Terraneu, fleeing when they were discovered, being shot by the female that would go on to be his brother's mate and falling into a coma. Now that he is awake he is tasked with finding a way into the deepest files in the archives. What no one knows, and he is afraid to admit even to himself, is that his mind may be permanently damaged. Can finding a mate in Gwen hold back the darkness taking over his mind?

Overall Rating:  3.75 Rockin’ ★★★☆
Mystery and intrigue are the perfect combination in any science fiction romance and in Kneus the fourth book in the Terranau series, by Stormy McKnight the reader gets it all.  Beginning where we left off in the last book, with everyone anxious to discover information from the archives about why certain words cause the men to lose consciousness.  Leading the search is Kneus and Gwen.  The unknown and instability of what could happen to the inhabitants of Terranau, makes the situation even more stressful for Kneus and Gwen. This is the accounting of their love story and finding their HEA.

Kneus has returned from his mission on Earth with a battle scar.  Rejuvenating his body and mind is at the top of his to do list.  Finding the cause of his horrific nightmares is there too.  He doesn't want to share the details with his brothers for fear they will find him unfit.

Gwen was a doctor on Earth and has been thrust into helping the woman transition to their new life.  The technology available really means she is not needed, it’s the emotional part the women need from her.  She has secretly held a desire for Kneus and anxiously waits for him to notice her as a woman and not a friend or colleague.

At times it was difficult to follow the storyline.  It seemed rushed at the end and there were parts that didn't fit to me.  My attention was all over the place and I felt disconnected to what was happening.    With that said it was still entertaining.  The saga was darker than the others and the light-heartedness from the previous books was missing.  The author leads with a Segway to her next book and the anticipation is explosive.  I look forward to reading another book by this gifted and talented author.

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