Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review of Heart of Light by T.K. Leigh

Twelve years ago, Jolene’s adoptive mother died. Twelve years ago, a man showed up at Jolene’s door and promised to take care of her. Twelve years ago, Jolene was happy. Then it all changed… 

Jolene Bergio has spent the last twelve years of her life asking one question… Why? Why was she left in the custody of a man who would sell her each and every night to the highest bidder? After a few years, she shut off, giving up hope that anyone would ever find her. Until her luck changed one night and she escaped. 

Twelve years later, she finally feels something she hasn’t felt in a long time… Free. 


Scared that her past will find her unexpectedly, she hides away in a rented beach house, trying to distance herself from everyone… Until Dr. Cameron Bowen enters her world and slowly tears down the walls that she has built up over the past twelve years of her captivity. Jolene begins to learn to love again. 

And trust again. 

But when a man from Jolene’s past emerges, will she be able to keep her identity hidden? When lies are told and hearts are broken, will the truth surface in time to bring Jolene back from the shadows that threaten to expose who she really is? 

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★★

What happens when destiny decides to come calling?  Do you run away or do you follow your heart?  In T.K. Leigh's book Heart of Light, the author has an awe-inspiring way of provoking heart felt emotions filled with beautifully scripted characters, all with an exquisitely crafted storyline.  T.K. Leigh has unmasked a veil of truth about love, freedom and passion in this remarkable book.

Jolene Bergio has been trying to escape from a tyrant, who came into her life when she was a twelve years old.  Captured and imprisoned by a man who enslaves women and uses them, abuses them and then sells them to the highest builder.  So, when she finally gets the opportunity to escape, she takes it.  Not knowing where she's going, Jolene ends up across the country in a small coastal town in Florida.  Then the strangest thing happens...she meets a man that stops her heart and drives her crazy all at the same time.  As Jolene struggles to find herself again, after being suppressed for so long, she begins to long for the one man that can take away all of her pain and help her step back into the light.

Cameron Bowen has lived heartache.  Losing his twin sister, Marley, to abuse, Cam sought a life of serving and helping others.  As a counselor and having lived a life under the influence of his sister's pain, Cam recognizes the signs of an abuse victim.  He has helped men, women and children through pain and suffering.  Cameron meets a young woman, who reminds him so much of someone he lost, and he can't seem to walk away from her.  He's captured by the beautiful lady that gives him a hard time, every time he speaks to her.  But Cam has seen the signs and as he gets to know Jolene, he wants to help her, wants to fix her, and ultimately wants to make her his!

As with everything that T.K. Leigh creates, it is a beautifully designed masterpiece, filled with feeling.  This author has a way of eliciting many different emotions from her readers, and those feelings range from erotic passion, to forever love, and the endurance it takes to achieve salvation.  The issues she brings to light are visceral and surreal.  I applaud T.K. for her exquisite artistry.  Thank you for sharing this enlightening story with your readers.

Hero: 5 stars 
Heroine: 5 stars 
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 5 stars
Cliffhanger: No

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