Monday, August 31, 2015

Review of Gray Back Alpha Bear (Gray Back Bears Book 2) by T. S. Joyce

Creed Barnett has one simple rule—no potential mates allowed in his territory. As if there isn’t enough on his shoulders trying to manage his crew of misfit, broken bear shifters, his past is now coming back to haunt him. And when the woman he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about for the past five months shows up in his trailer park, he’s re-thinking all the rules he set up to protect the Gray Backs. Gia is a curvy stunner, but his interest in the bombshell goes deeper than her good looks. She’s sweet, and fun, and puts his inner bear at ease in a way no other woman has managed. But Gia has also brought trouble to his territory that will turn his life upside down. 

Gia Cromwell’s life is ruined. She’s lost everything she used to value about herself and has nowhere to turn but to the man who started her downfall in the first place. She fully expects the sexy, reclusive bear shifter to turn her away just like everyone else in her life, but when he offers to be her protector instead, she’ll have to fight hard to keep her walls up. She knows she isn’t Creed’s true mate, but that doesn’t stop her huge crush. How can she not fall head over heels for him? Creed is easy on the eyes, sure, but he has a heart of gold and a protective streak a mile wide for the people he cares about. Now she just has to figure out whether his interest is genuine, or if they’re both in this for all the wrong reasons. 

**Content Warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. 
Adult only bear shifter romance.**

Overall Rating:  4 Rockin’ ★★★★

A Bombshell returns to Grayland Trailer Park with life altering news for the alpha in this next installment of Gray Back: Alpha Bear by T.S. Joyce.  The second book in the Gray Back series is dedicated to Gia and Creed and their journey to find happiness.  All the characters from the previous book are front and center.  They help make this story fun and entertaining, bear shifter style.

Creed is the alpha of this group of misfit bear shifters. They are his family. He accepted the job as alpha to help them to never give up and let their bears become uncontrollable. He didn’t have a stable family life, while he was growing up in foster care.  He graduated out of the system when he turned eighteen.  Gia is a valley girl from Louisiana.  Growing up privileged, and wanting for nothing but acceptance from parents that weren’t capable of love.  She is thrown for a loop when her friends shun her and her parents disown her.  When she arrives back in Wyoming, Creed is given the shock of a lifetime and reacts negatively to her news.

What happens next is a struggle for something that they both long for, but never see coming.  The shifters begin to learn more and more about what family really is, while Easton is still at it with his unknown problems driving him to make new mistakes.  I don’t know about y’all but I feel sorry for that poor bear shifter and can’t wait for his story to come out. 

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