Monday, April 18, 2016

Review of Alexei (Her Russian Protector #8) by Roxie Rivera

Shay Sandoval has big dreams and works hard to achieve them. But her older sister likes that fast, easy money and finds herself in a hot mess of trouble when she helps her boyfriend scam Houston’s underworld. Terrified for her sister and herself, Shay turns to the only man powerful enough to save them—former prize fighter and Russian mob enforcer Alexei Sarnov.

Just as ruthless in business as he was on the streets, Alexei has built a new life as a respected, wealthy businessman. When he learns Shay’s troubled sister has invoked the wrath of Houston’s criminal elite, Alexei rushes to intercept Shay before the city’s worst men can get their hands on her.

But now that she’s under his protection—and under his hands—Alexei realizes that he wants and needs more than he’s ever dared to hope for in his harsh life. He wants Shay in his home and in his bed—but not as merely his mistress.

Earning Shay’s love and trust just might be the hardest deal he’s ever sealed…

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Roxie Rivera once again gives her fans an awe-inspiring Russian experience!  She uses another reformed Russian mob enforcer to submerge her readers into the underworld of Houston's crime world.  In Alexei, Her Russian Protector, Ms. Rivera brings together an innocent trapped by circumstances into a world she knows nothing about and wants nothing to do with!  In the eighth book in this series, Shay Sandoval and Alexei Sarnov's tread carefully through the pitfalls of treachery, danger and betrayals to find a way for them to be together.  

He drug himself out of the life as a mob enforcer and has established a life of stability and respectability.   But are you ever out?  Does the mob ever really let anyone escape?  For over a year he has watched Shay Sandoval as she worked for him cleaning his businesses and never acted on the desire he feels for her.  She is a hard worker, building her own business and finishing college.  Shay deserves a better man than he is, but he is not willing to let her go.  Especially now that she needs his help!  Whatever it takes, whatever he has to do, he will protect her.

She owes so much to her older sister, but when is enough, enough?  Shay has built a good life through hard work and determination, however while she was working hard her sister's life has taken a different path.   Now Shay finds herself running for her life, scared and afraid with only one man that she can turn to for help, Alexei Sarnov!  From the beginning she felt a sense of safety and security that she had never felt before whenever she is with him.  Will he help her and her sister?  Can she ask him to once again dirty his hands to help her?

This is an action packed, fast moving narrative that will keep you turning the pages.  At times the situations are brutal and horrific, but all good things come to those that persevere and Ms. Rivera's characters are not going to be stopped.  Fantastic read and great addition to my library.  

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