Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review of Captured (Devil's Blaze MC #1) by Jordan Marie

She was my obsession. I was her destruction. 


My life is not my own. I belong to the family. Every step I make is dictated.
Until him. Skull.
The only man I’ve ever loved. The only man I will ever love.
His touch inflames me.
I can’t stay away—even if I should.
I gave him my body and my heart.
To keep him safe, I will sell my soul to the devil.
The lies began with our hello.
Now, I’m captured by them.


There’s an animal in me that I keep hidden.
Beth calls to him. She tempts the monster and lures him to the surface.
I’m obsessed with her. I can’t stay away, even when doing so puts my entire club in danger.
Her blood is on my hands.
I formed her to fit only me.
I was her first and if I have to kill everyone in our way. So be it.
I will be her last.
She is mine.

This book will be released January 28th. It will end in a cliffhanger and continue in Torch's story (Burned) To be released February 25th. Torch's story will have his happy ending and then the series will conclude in March with the release of the final book-- Conquered.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Innocent meets worldly MC Prez and both lives are forever changed. This is the first book in Jordan Marie’s new series Devil’s Blaze MC and she has written an incredible book.  In Captured we return to a character that was introduced in Breaking Dragon, Skull.  This is the first book in a trilogy by this talented author and the beginning of Beth and Skull’s story. Yes it is a cliffhanger, but the wait is worth it!

Beth is a survivor!  At the young age of twenty, she has battled cancer, lost her twin sister, her mother and step-father were killed in a plane crash and to top it all off, she is now under her step-brothers’ care.  Life has thrown a lot at her, but the hardest thing she has to deal with is the loneliness.  She has no one! But everything changes for Beth when she meets a tall, sexy, tattooed bad boy.  Skull is unlike anyone she has ever met and he refuses to take no for an answer.  She however, has secrets, secrets that may tear them apart before they even get started.  

His world is made up of his MC family, that is until she walked into his life!  Beth, innocent, sweet and not made for his world, but he cannot let her go.  She pulls him like no woman ever has, his woman/child.  Forces are coming against him and his club, how can he keep her safe?  Beth has secrets and he senses she is not telling him everything, something is wrong.  Will they survive what’s coming for them?  

Jordan Marie has a way with the development of her characters that make them feel like you are a part of their lives.  The storyline is filled with drama, angst and sexual innuendos that will keep you turning the page to see what will happen next.  This initial part wets the readers appetite for more!  Fantastic addition to my library.

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