Saturday, May 28, 2016

Coming Soon: Aldin's Wish by @AuthorFGAdams


In the beginning there were five Immortals.  They walked, lived and loved amidst humans.  After a while they began to create new creatures.  Beings with gifts bestowed upon them.  Guardians for the human race.  Three races were conceived, Enchanted Immortals:  Necromancer, Shifter, and Vampire.

This is one of the stories...

Aldin Kovac dreams of a life of riches and wealth where every wish is his command.  When a stranger approaches him in an alley offering him a new life, he can’t believe his newfound luck.  Until he wakes up a Vampire.  As fate would have it, Aldin meets a beautiful doctor who changes his world again.  Unknowingly, she holds the key to his entire existence.  

Dr. Wren Bishop has dedicated her life to her patients, committed herself to her work.  She doesn’t have time for relationships or a family of her own.  A one night stand with a stranger from a bar, stirs a passion and desire she’s never known.  A connection forged by something unearthly.  A longing for things she has never felt before takes hold of her and she’ll never be the same.

When their paths cross, sparks fly and passion ignites.  Fueled by a force that’s beyond this world, the couple forms a bond that will not be denied.  When a long time evil is resurrected, Aldin must protect his unknowing mate at all cost.  

Will the dominant beast tame the strong-willed doctor?  Or will fate cruelly destroy all hopes of a future together?   

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