Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sale! 28 May – 30 May! Muriel Garcia's books!!!

Sale! 28 May – 30 May!
#Sale #99c #MCSeries #LastHangman #BankHolidaySale
To celebrate it being 1 month until the Essex Author Extravaganza signing and also a UK Bank Holiday @Muriel Garcia has put her ENTIRE Last Hangman MC series on sale!
Saving Ayden (book 1) – FREE!
Teaching Aleck (book 2) – 99c/English exchange rate equivalent
Healing Gabe (book 3) – $1.99/ English exchange rate equivalent
Trusting Nicole (book4) – $1.99/ English exchange rate equivalent
A Merry Last Hangman Christmas (book 4.1) - FREE!
Forgiving Nancy (book 5) - $1.99/ English exchange rate equivalent
Buy links:
Saving Ayden: http://mybook.to/lh1
Teaching Aleck: http://mybook.to/lh2
Healing Gabe: http://mybook.to/lh3
Trusting Nicole: http://mybook.to/lh4 

A Merry Last Hangman Christmas: http://mybook.to/lhxmas
Forgiving Nancy: http://mybook.to/lh5

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