Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review of Bound For Nirvana (Bound Trilogy #3) by Kendra Leigh

The bonds of their love saw them through the ravaging storm to the promise of peace and the chance to breathe …

Angel once believed her soul belonged to the Devil. Now she willingly gives every part of her—mind, body and soul—to the man whose love mends her a little more each day.

Ethan knows Hell is no place for an angel, especially not his Angel. He would sacrifice his soul every day of his life in order to save hers.

Fuelled by an almost obsessive desire, their need for each other ignites a passion that most couples could find destructive, but instead the flames of their possessive vigilance only seem to feed the fire of their insatiable hunger. The slaying of Ethan’s demons has made their fortress of love stronger than ever.
But Angel continues to paper over the cracks of her troubled past, running from the demons that chase her and the nightmares that plague her. When a twist of fate forces her to confront them, she finally begins to accept that her repressed memories need to be explored in order to attain the peace she craves.

But in her search for Nirvana, Angel discovers far more than buried memories.

What happens when the worst nightmare you’ve ever encountered is the one you wake up in?
When the past comes face to face with the present to reveal a web of diseased secrets and lies?
And the only road you can take leads to one destination … Hell. 

Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Almost all little girls dream of their own Prince Charming, their knight in shining armor that slays dragons and protects them!  In the final book in the Bound Trilogy by Kendra Leigh, we find out that Prince Charming really does exist in Ethan Wilde.  Bound for Nirvana is a remarkable look at a happily-ever-after, wrapped up in rainbows and steamy interludes. The journey to get Angel and Ethan there is not an easy one, but it is a story that will leave a lasting impression on your heart!

Denied the warmth and love of family, Angel Lawson was a broken soul.  Ridicule, hatred and abuse is all she has known until Ethan Wilde stepped into her life.  Slowly together they are building a new future, a future that holds all the things she missed growing up.  He is her everything, her friend, lover and defender.  When the past threatens to once again rear its ugly head, Ethan is there to keep her safe. 

Nothing or no one will separate him from Angel.  From the first moment his eyes met hers he knew she was his! The more time they spend together the more he knows that she is the one intended for him.  Destiny brought them together and love will show them how to overcome each obstacle they encounter. 

As their relationship progresses in this final installment, we see the growth of both characters and the unbreakable love that they share.  Questions that were raised in the first two books are answered, and some of those answers are unexpected. Ms. Leigh’s characters were well developed and the feeling she evokes through them is astounding!  Each time you think you have things figured out; the storyline takes an unexpected twist.   I would emphasis the importance of reading the previous two books to get the necessary background in order to understand the events that take place in this book. 

Hero: Ethan Wilde 4.5 stars
Heroine: Angel Lawson 4.5 stars
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 4.25 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

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