Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review of Gray Back Broken Bear (Gray Back Bears Book 4) by T. S. Joyce

 Easton Novak is hiding something fearsome inside of him. An unconventional upbringing has turned his inner grizzly into a berserker—one who has all but destroyed his humanity. Being around people isn’t easy. Not when he doesn’t understand any of their reactions, or half of what they’re saying. And if he can convince his alpha he’s half sane, he just might let Easton live. But when the raven from Easton’s childhood shows up at his door again, he knows he’s slowly sinking into a madness he can’t come back from. 
She’s not real. 
She can’t be. 

Raven shifter, Aviana King, is terrified of bears. They’re her people’s natural enemy, but she hasn’t been able to forget the bear cub she befriended all those years ago. Faced with a loveless courtship she doesn’t want, she visits Easton just to see if the sparking feelings she felt for him when they were kids are still there. The only problem is, he thought she was just a friendly raven all those years ago, and now he doesn’t recognize her human form at all. But as she searches for the courage to approach him and his terrifying Gray Back Crew, it becomes clear that the sweet silver bear cub from her childhood has grown into a powerful, dominant, barely-controlled monster grizzly. 
Now, the greatest threat to Aviana’s life is the man she loves. 
He isn’t Easton Novak anymore. 
He’s Beaston. 

**Content Warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. 
Adult only bear shifter romance.**

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Trinkets, precious metals, ribbons nestled in a box under his bed given in friendship and love are all he has left of his ghost raven.   Known as Beaston a member of the notoriously violent aggressive Gray Back crew, he struggles daily with his bear.  Gray Back Broken Bear is the fourth book in T.S. Joyce's Gray Back Bear series.  This is Ana and Easton's journey to finding peace, happiness and love and it’s surely one you don't want to miss.

Easton is an enigma even to the other misfits in his crew.  His upbringing wasn't normal resulting in the turmoil and anger he radiates to people.  So, when a shy Aviana approaches the grumpy bear shifter asking to buy him a drink, everyone is taken back and unsure how he will react.  Then his bear quiets and doesn't fight her closeness, and he is surprised and wants to learn more about her.   Ana gave her heart away years ago to a broken boy with a grizzly inside.  She shares a deep secret that could destroy any future with her silver bear.

T.S. Joyce has completed this series with this captivating tale.  All the characteristics of a sweet heroine and possessiveness of a hero are found within the pages of this book.  Even though this story had elements of seriousness, the author intertwines it with humor and laughter allowing the reader a fun, enjoyable read.  I was hoping that Easton's story would be as special as his character and it was everything I had hoped for! This is an excellent addition to my paranormal library.  I highly recommend this book and suggest for your best enjoyment that you begin with the first book in her Saw Bear series. 

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