Saturday, October 3, 2015

Review of Physical Distraction (A Sinful Suspense Novel) by Tess Oliver

A sexy, new romantic suspense from bestselling author Tess Oliver.

Tashlyn Younglove has returned to Blackthorn Ridge, the town where her dad died sixteen years earlier. As she unravels the mystery behind her father's death, dark secrets are revealed, putting her in grave danger. All the while, Tashlyn finds herself falling hard for Jem Wolfe, the youngest son of the town's most notorious family. Can she trust the man who has stolen her heart?

Jem Wolfe returned to Blackthorn Ridge to keep his brother, Dane, out of trouble. When Tashlyn Younglove moves to town, she dredges up the town's dark history, a history that involves Jem's dad. At the same time, Jem finds himself falling hard for her. Will a long buried ugly truth push Tashlyn from his arms for good?

A Sinful Suspense Novel

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Hidden secrets in a small logging town are at the center of a sixteen year old mystery that saturates Tess Oliver's newest novel, Physical Distraction with suspense. The reader is pulled immediately into the life of the town's bad boy, Jem Wolfe. The arrival of a sheltered flower-child from the Grog, a compound of artisan hippies living and communing with nature, adds to the clandestine secrets of the town and its inhabitants.  Tashlyn Younglove was searching for answers about her father's accidental death in a small town called Blackthorn Ridge. Jem Wolfe and his family are notoriously known as trouble in this small community. His character develops before your eyes into a multi-dimensional entity as you read his and Tashlyn’s story. This is the path they take together to find peace, happiness, and love in an uncertain world.

Tash couldn't remember details about her life when she was found by a park ranger, cold and hungry.  She needed answers and decides to find out what had happened when she was a young child of seven.  Riding a bus to Blackthorn she meets Everly and they become fast friends.  Everly invites her to stay with her while she is in Blackthorn.  When Tash meets Jem Wolfe after being warned to stay clear of him and his brother Dane, she learns there are many different sides to this complex man.  Jem is intrigued by the girl he's dubbed "Woodstock" but still warns her that this town is not for her and she needs to leave.  The more time they spend together the more the attraction between them grows and Jem knows he will do whatever it takes to keep Tash safe.

The mystery behind her father's death and Jem's father's past collide into a story you do not want to miss! Not knowing who the real villain is or where the next strike will come from, attests to the grip this author has on the reader.  The knowledge of the mysterious disappearances of young girls adds another element of tension to the storyline.  Tess Oliver masterfully weaves suspense and romance together, creating an unforgettable read that will satisfy anyone that craves a novel filled with mystery, intrigue and passion.  From my perspective, this is a must read and a great addition to my library.
***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***
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