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pReward of Three

Title: Reward of Three 

Author: Kelly Jamieson

Release Date: July 8th, 2014


Sometimes the darkest nights produce the brightest stars.
Rule of Three, Book 3
When the pregnancy test turns positive, Kassidy, Dag and Chris are thrilled theyre going to be parents at last. Their polyamorous relationship has blossomed, and theres more than enough love to go around for their long-awaited little “Belly Bean”.
Then reality sets in. Dag grew up without a father. Does that mean hes too damaged to be a good role model? Kassidy is at a critical point in her career, working long hours on a high-profile project. And Chris gets a disappointing—but not exactly unexpected—reaction when he contacts his parents with the news.
As worry nibbles at the edges of their happiness, fate is poised to tear it to shreds, leaving a loving foundation three years in the making cracking under the weight of grief and guilt. And the trio in the fight of their lives to repair their unconventional bonds.
Warning: Our sexy threesome is back for their happy ending. Keep extra tissues on hand for tears, a fan on standby for hot sex, and a post-it note to remind you to take a deep breath. Its time to find out if the juice is really worth the squeeze.

   Dag slid out of bed on one side of Kassidy long moments later, dragging a hand over her ass. “I gotta get cleaned up. Wanna come jump in the shower, babe?”
  “Mmm. In a minute.”
  “Im coming, Chris murmured from her other side. He left the bed too and Kassidy heard the water turn on in the bathroom attached to their bedroom, their quiet voices, then the sound of the heavy glass door on the big shower thunking closed.
  She smiled into the pillow, relaxed and satisfied and so very happy. Shed made her two guys so very happy also, and that added to her own joy. She loved giving them this special, precious gift. The baby. Not the ménage sex.
  She giggled at her own thought as she lazily rolled over in bed and stretched.
  She pushed the covers aside and crawled out of bed, then sauntered across the thick rug toward the bathroom. She paused in the open doorway and let her gaze linger on the shapes of the two men, naked behind the steamed-up glass door. Even though fog obscured her vision somewhat, their bodies were beautiful, Dags skin a little darker, Chriss muscles a little bulkier. She watched as Dag reached for Chris and pulled him up against him, their mouths joining. When they moved apart, Chris picked up a bottle of body wash and squeezed some into his hands. Kassidys breath stuck in her throat as Chris reached for Dags cock and languidly stroked it with both hands. Dags dark head fell back and one hand flattened on the fogged glass door.
  God, that was so beautiful.
  She approached the shower, wanting now to join them.
She pushed on the door and slipped into the steamy enclosure, the shower big enough for three theyd had built when they renovated their big master suite after purchasing the house. “Hey, I want in on this,” she complained, inserting herself between the men.
  Chris grinned down at her, his eyelashes dark and wet, water running over his sleek shoulders.  “Just washing him up, sweetheart. You can come between us any time.”
  Dags hands landed on her waist and his lips touched her shoulder. “Yeah. What he said.”
  The three of them began to wash each other, slick, soapy hands everywhere, Kassidy giggling at a ticklish touch or a nip of lips on her neck.
  “So, Chris,” Dag murmured. “You over your Madonna-whore complex? Or do I get Kass all to myself for the next nine months?”
  “Shut the fuck up,” Chris said mildly. He cupped one soapy breast. “I just had a moment.”
  Kassidy giggled. “It was kind of funny.”
  Now Chris gave her wet ass a little slap and she jolted, laughing again. “Hey!”
  “You laughing at me?” he growled, leaning in and kissing her lips.
   “With you, big guy,” Dag said. “Were laughing with you.”
  “It was an understandable reaction,” Kassidy added.
   Chriss lips curved up and his eyes gleamed. “No way in hell Im going nine months without having sex with you, sweetheart.”
  “Glad to hear that.” She wound her arms around his neck and pressed her wet body to his. Behind her, Dags hard, slick body pushed against her butt and as Chris cupped her face in his hands, slanted his head and came in for a deeper kiss, Dags arms went around both of them to Chriss ass. “Very glad to hear that.”
  “When are we going to tell people?”
  Chris looked up from the newspaper he was reading at Kassidys question. Saturday morning they lounged around in the great room attached to the kitchen, drinking coffee—well, Dag drank his usual Coke—reading the newspaper and checking sports scores on TV. “Arent you supposed to wait a while?” he asked.
  “Yeah. Most people wait until the first trimester is over. In case there are problems. I guess once youre past that, its more likely you wont lose the baby.”
  “Okay, so we wait three months,” he said.
  “I cant wait that long!” Kassidy cried. Chris exchanged a grin with Dag.
  “Babe,” Dag said. “Its not that long.”
  “It is!” She sighed. “Okay. I can wait to tell people at work.” She and Chris worked together at RBM Technologies. “Acquaintances. But I cant wait to tell my parents. And our friends.” She gave them big brown eyes that pleaded with them.
  As if they could say no to her.
  “Sweetheart, if you want to tell them, thats fine, Chris said cautiously.
  “Whats the point of waiting?” she demanded. “If something goes wrong, were going to tell them then anyway. Its not going to make dealing with it any easier.”
  “True that.” Dag nodded. “Lets just tell the world then.”
  No. We dont need to tell everyone. Um, we didnt talk about what wed tell people…you know, people at work, or acquaintances. Theyre going to assume the baby is Chriss.” She bit her lip.
  Dag nodded. “Yeah. I know that.” He shrugged. “It doesnt matter what people think. All that matters is what we think. And we know that our baby is going to have two fathers.”


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 About the Author
Kelly Jamieson

Kelly Jamieson writes romances with heat that's sweet. Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. If she can stop herself from reading or writing, she loves to cook. She has shelves of cookbooks that she reads at length. She also enjoys gardening in the summer, and in the winter she likes to read gardening magazines and seed catalogues (there might be a theme here...) She also loves shopping, especially for clothes and shoes. But her family takes precedence over everything else (yes, even writing). She has two teenage children who are the best kids in the world, not that shes biased, and a wonderful husband who does loads of laundry while she plays on the computer writing stories.


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