Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Review of Taurus (Galactic Cage Fighters #3) by K.D. Jones @authorkdjones

In book three of the Galactic Cage Fighters: Maya is looking for a change of pace. As one-quarter Arian, she is constantly overlooked or harassed by full humans and full Arians, despite the efforts of her over-protective grandparents when she was growing up. Even her own parents abandoned her and took off for parts unknown. Now she is determined to make her own way in life and to see other galaxies she had always dreamed of seeing. She takes a risk, packs up her bags, and travels several galaxies away to audition for a job as a ring girl for the Galactic Cage Fighters Association. Maybe she would meet some of her idols from the GCFA. The moment she meets Taurus she is instantly attracted to him, but he is reluctant to her charms. Maya doesn't give up though. She keeps hoping he would warm up to her eventually. What does it take to get noticed by the reluctant male? Was something wrong with her? Was it because she was too human for his tastes? Just when things were looking hopeful, Maya finds herself in danger.

Taurus the Ape Man is one of the more popular GCFA fighters, and one of the most mysterious. No one really knows that much about him, not even his closest friends. He prefers it that way. Keeping others at a distance keeps him and everyone he cares about safe. Working as a fighter for the GCFA is a job that allows him be in charge and make the decisions about his own life. Power over his actions and future is something that he did not have for most of his childhood. Plus, the GCFA pays him and the other halfsie fighters really well. The only downside to the job is having to deal with all the females, especially the human female fans. The females find his unique abilities appealing. After the abuse he suffered growing up in the orphanage and then in the breeding programs, he doesn’t care to get close to anyone—especially females. When he meets the halfsie Arian hired to be a ring girl, his senses go crazy. He fights his attraction to Maya but it is a losing battle. Will he be able to keep himself from her? Will his past keep him from moving forward? How long can he hold off on his protective feelings toward her when Maya’s life is threatened?

Warning: Sexually explicit content.

Overall Rating:  4.25 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

The gang is back and new characters are introduced in Taurus by KD Jones.  This is the third book in the Galactic Cage Fighters series and you do not want to miss the story of Taurus the ape man and Maya the ring girl! The author continues this storyline with new villains that will have you ready to read more about these super cool halfies fighters and their pasts.

Taurus shies away from forming a friendship because of his unimaginable childhood.  He is considered "anti-social" by the other fighters on the circuit and he chooses this path because of his loss of the closest family he ever had...a foster female he thought of as his sister.  When Zen twists his arm into interviewing new ring girls, his life is altered when the klutzy and beautiful, Maya stumbles into the room.

Maya is more human than Arian. Her grandparents raised her in a protected loving home and she was more than ready to spread her wings and start her new life.  She had dreamed of working for the GCFC and when the opening came available she jumped at the chance without even knowing what position she was interviewing for.

Here again, KD Jones' story is funny, witty, sexy, and enjoyable.  This book makes an excellent addition to the series, and to my library.  Each book gets better and better and I personally look forward to beginning Trig and Zara's story! If you are looking for a science fiction romance, look no further...this is the book for you.

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