Saturday, July 4, 2015

Review of UNTOUCHABLE (Siri's Saga #1) by Jessika Klide @jessikaklide

UNTOUCHABLE describes Siri Wright until she meets Aurelius Moore. From the first time their eyes connect, there are fireworks and the game is on, but both harbor secrets that threaten the very real possibility of having a beautiful thing together.

Aurelius Moore, 24, is an Army helicopter pilot, an alpha male in every sense of the term, who knows what he wants and makes it happen. In Vegas, he wants Seary, but she is untouchable. When she vanishes, he returns home to Alabama to wait for her return. I will have her!

Siri Wright, 24, is a successful Vegas Star, but she is NOT stereotypical. While she knows sex and works her moneymaker, she is more than an exotic entertainer. She is a gifted dancer with a ballet background, who has turned her talent into a specialty niche which has made her rich and famous, but her identity is top-secret! She is untouchable and lives under the protection of celebrity status. She is kept isolated and alone.

When a family emergency brings her back to Alabama, she meets Moore and wants him! But she is mindful of her stripper stereotype, and doesn't want him to label her a whore before he gets a chance to know the real Siri Wright, so she is careful to only show him the fun loving girl, not Seary, the Sex Diva, who has so many secrets! What's one more?

Secrets! Secrets! Secrets!

They both have more than anyone knows and could possibility guess! Can their beautiful thing survive all their secrets as they are unveiled and unraveled? And what about the Cocktail Party?

Theirs is a whirlwind, twisting, turning journey that will captivate you. It is filled with mystery, suspense, action and adventure mixed in with their sweet romantic story and thrilling HOT erotic sex.

It is NOT what you are expecting!

Siri's Saga must be read in order. They are not stand alone novels.
UNDONE is Book Three (coming soon)

Siri's Saga is a New Adult Erotic Romantic Journey.
This contemporary, erotic mesmerizing romance book series will captivate you with its mystery, suspense, action and adventure. A fun, flirty, sassy, sexy, erotic thriller that will have you flipping the pages of your e-reader burning it up as the secrets of Siri and Aurei unfold. The story is unique and original. You don't want to miss it!

Warning: This book series is intended for ***Mature Audiences Only!***
There is light BDSM and sex scenes that should only be read by adults (18+).

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

An exotic Las Vegas dancer and a sexy Army helicopter pilot star in Untouchable, a contemporary romance by author Jessika Klide.  Witty sassiness filled with pop culture innuendoes are the premise to this first book in the series, Siri's Saga and will draw the reader into Aurei and Siri’s whirlwind tit for tat romantic journey.

Aurelius Moore is an all alpha male and gives off a vibe that screams total female satisfaction when Siri Wright the beautiful, feisty dancer enters his world.  He is driven to know her and contemplates her being "the one" even after only one glance through his windshield.  He is her "Golden God" with emerald green eyes and she was his "Every Thang."  As the couple learns more about each other the sparks fly and secrets are revealed.

Even with the ending left open for the next installment, this book is thoroughly satisfying and entertaining.  The inter-dialogue from Siri will having you cackling out loud and the thunderous seriousness from Aurei leaves no doubt in regards to his role as a dominant male.  Another splendid addition to any avid reader's library and mine! Looking forward to reading Unstoppable and the unveiling of Aurei’s many secrets.

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