Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Review of Fighting to Forget (Fighting #3) by J.B. Salsbury

Every fighter is drawn to the violence, the release that a perfect hit can bring.

But very few are drawn to the pain.

Rex Carter lives behind a wall of indifference. The demons from his childhood act as an anesthetic, keeping him distant from emotional connections. Only the ache from a knock to the jaw, the sting of a tattoo needle, or the heat from a piercing can jolt him back from the numbness. The fiery pain is all he can feel, and nothing compares to the burn.

Or so he thought.

Working in a Las Vegas bar isn't Georgia McIntyre's dream. But she hopes it'll be an end to the nightmare.

She's watched him, followed him and kept tabs, all in preparation for this moment: to make amends and share the secret she’s been carrying since she was a kid. But she didn't count on the feelings that seeing him again would stir up, the vacant look in his stormy-blue eyes, and his perfect body now mutilated by ink and metal.

And she knows why. She's lived his pain every single day, since the day he left.

Changed by time, Rex doesn't remember the girl from his past. If only she could do the same.

Will she get the absolution she's spent her life seeking?

Or will he continue Fighting to Forget?

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

She is his angel that comes to him when he cannot bear the pain and agony inflected.  He is the single purpose for everything she does, her reason for living!  In this hauntingly beautiful love story of abuse, love and redemption we take a journey through hell and heaven.  J. B. Salsbury has woven a web of suspense, drama and true love in Fighting to Forget, book three in her Fighting series.  The storyline alone will keep you trapped within the pages of this remarkable book, but the characters and their realistic struggle will keep you reading!

Living in a world that seems at times unfocused, haunted by nightmares that want let him sleep, Rex Carter finds himself using violence as an outlet for his frustrations.  To all appearances he is a successful MMA fighter, musician and great guy.  So what if he is controlled by his hair-triggered temper and reacts without much provocation.  He has it under control, right.   He just wishes he could remember his past and understand his dreams!  When she walks into his life, he wonders if she could be his cure.
Her soul purpose is vengeance against those that hurt him.  She needs to redeem herself from the guilt of not saving him.  It is time she faced her past and found a way to be released from it.  He needs to be told the truth about what happened when they were children, but he seems so well adjusted, happy.  Maybe he doesn’t need old wounds to be reopened.  He obviously does not remember her, so she will just watch and wait for the perfect moment to introduce herself to him.   But everything changes when she gets up close and personal with Rex, maybe the past can stay dead.  Maybe they can live in the future and heal each other.

This book blew me away with all the twists and turns in the plot.  Just when you think you have it figured out another element is added to the story.  Each character adds an extra depth and layer to the drama taking place.  Love eventually triumphs over evil and that saying ‘true love conquers all’ is proven in this remarkable book. Another great addition to my library and I look forward to reading more by this outstanding author.

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