Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review of Undeniably Asher (The Colloway Brothers #2) by K.L. Kreig

Book 2 in the The Colloway Brothers series. Each book can be read as a standalone.

When does our past stop picking at our scars and start letting them heal?

Can we see beyond our wounds to the possibilities the future holds?

How do we let ourselves become vulnerable enough to trust the love that’s right in front of us?

Fate. She’s a fickle, wily bitch that slaps us in the face every opportunity she gets. Sometimes it’s a taunt, but sometimes it’s a goddamn wake-up call to pay attention. Take what’s rightfully yours without shame or apology. So when destiny put me straight in Alyse Kingsley’s path once again, I knew this was one slap I wasn’t ignoring. I’d let her get away once. I wouldn’t again. She was mine and I was takin’ her, kicking and screaming if need be.

Alyse ~ Deceit and betrayal. Every single person who was supposed to love me committed one of these.
My mother.
My father.
My sister.
My lover.
Incapable of letting people see the real me, I hold them at arm’s length. But Asher Colloway is relentless and it doesn’t take long before I cave to his pursuits. The big question is: can I let him in where it counts most? Before ghosts from my past come back to haunt me in ways I can’t possibly fathom? Before it’s too late?

Asher ~ Trust. Forgiveness. Impossible concepts, having been fucked over by a woman I’d loved before. But those aren’t my only personality flaws.
I’m possessive.
I’m jealous.
I’m dominant.
I have a secret kink.
I want Alyse. All of her. She shows people the shiny, untainted surface. I want the murky, damaged depth. The shadows. I want in all the way. Just when I think I’ve made it, fate cruelly bitch-slaps me again. And this time I don’t see it coming. The question now is: what am I willing to do to keep the woman I love by my side? And can Alyse accept me the way I am, faults and all?

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★★

Life has a way of knocking us down and leaving scars on the soul, scars that no one can see but are still there and life altering! Scars that not only color all decisions made, but also the acceptance of others.  Undeniably Asher, book two in the Colloway Brothers is a book that delves into the destructive forces of betrayal, lies and the effect they have on a young impressionable woman when she is reconnected with her future.  This is Alyse Kingsley and Asher Colloway’s story.  It is an unforgettable journey of true love as they search for a way to hold on to each other and overcome the past.

He met her when she was a teenager. They shared an intense attraction, but because of her age were separated.  Now years later they are once again thrown together when her sister and his brother reconnect.  Asher is determined to keep her regardless of the obstacles placed in his path.  She is the one for him, he just needs to prove to her that he will never leave her or betray her. The past rears its ugly head and threatens to destroy the future he has started to build with Alyse.  Will she take a chance and open herself up to a life together with him?

Everyone she has ever loved leaves her!  Her mother deserted her, her sister disappeared when she needed her the most, her lover killed himself and her father was a liar and an addicted gambler. Alyse does not have a great record keeping those that she loves, so she keeps herself safe and distant from those that would try to breach the walls she has built around her heart.  But when Asher Colloway returns and becomes part of her life again, it is a struggle to keep distance between them.  When a ghost from her past is exposed, Alyse must make a decision to live again or stay buried and broken.

The characters are so realistic that as you read their story, you feel a kindship with them.  Their story grabs and holds your attention as the pages unfold the passion, angst and love created by this talented author. I have read and enjoyed all of Ms. Kreig’s works of fiction and look forward to her next release.  This is an excellent addition to my library!

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***
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