Saturday, May 9, 2015

One Day Only Sale!

✰✰✰ 2.99 ONE DAY ONLY SALE ~ MAY 9th ✰✰✰

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“You’ve suffered a terrible tragedy, Jo.” That’s what my doctor keeps telling me. All I know is that I’ve lost everything—my ability to play piano, six years of my life, my will to live… 

The only thing keeping Jocelyn 'Jo' Hayes from falling apart is her brother, Brighton, whose past is sketchier than her mind. Brighton’s hiding secrets. He refuses to give Jo the answers she needs, but after she meets the mysterious Adam, she decides to keep secrets of her own. 

As Jo’s recovery fluctuates, Adam’s purpose in her life grows more confusing. Then Paxton Carr shows up at her door. His resemblance to Adam sends Jo’s on a quest to discover the truth and regain her memories. 

But the truth doesn’t always set someone free. Will Jo find the missing pieces of her memory and solve the riddle she calls life, or will the ugly truth destroy what’s left of her mind? 

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