Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review of Steel My Soul (Motorcycle Club Romance) (Sons of Steel Motorcycle Club Book 4) by Vivian Lux

The whispers around my small town are that Gabriela Ortiz is a total slut. 

So I set out to make them right. 

But when I brought home the biker, there was something so familiar about him, though there definitely shouldn't have been. After all, if I had met him before, I would have remembered him for sure. He's sex on legs, with piercing blue eyes and a jawline that could cut you. 

It's only after a night of the best sex of my life that I wake up and realize who he is. 

But why is he back in town? 

And why is he calling himself Crash? 


I don't know why I came back here. But if I've got to start all over again, I could do worse than do it in Gabi's bed. One night with her was all I needed to set things right. 

The only problem is, now I can't stop thinking about her. 

That's bad. 

Because I haven't started all over again, not this time anyway. I've got a past and it's coming for me and if I don't watch out it's going to come for Gabi too. 

Book four in the bestselling Sons of Steel Motorcycle Club series has no cliffhanger. Reading the books in order is helpful but not necessary.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Life is full of s**t!  Especially, when you wake up after a motorcycle accident and remember absolutely nothing about your past and everyone around is a stranger. In this the fourth book in the Sons of Steel MC series, Vivian Lux once again hits a home run with this titillating novel filled with kink, lust and eventually a MC styled HEA! This is Crash’s story of restoration as he finds peace and himself through love of a good woman, Gabi.

When you live in a small town, everyone knows everyone else’s business.  It does not matter if they get the information right or not, it still is out there. That has been the life of Gabriela Ortiz since high school and the malicious gossip started about her by those girls, you know, those bad girls that love creating drama for someone other than themselves. But, Gabi lives by the motto ‘they are not going to get me down’ and lives life the way she wants!  So when she had a really bad day at work, she stopped by her favorite bar for a drink and some relaxing.  The man that walks through the door causes her mouth to water and her lady parts to sit up and take notice.  He is sex on legs and Gabi decides to take him out for a walk! But why is he so familiar?

Life just pisses him off, his leg is not working, his brain is messed up, he is cold and why had he returned to Lenape. Oh, right, he has nowhere else to go! After his accident he had made a new life for himself with his MC and club brothers, but now that was gone.  He was on his own until he walked into that bar and there she was, sitting at the bar. The more up close and personal he gets with Gabi, the more he wants to.  She gives him a peace he has never known and the control he desperately needs. Maybe he can start a third life, if the past will stay there!

Hero: Benjamin ‘Crash’ Nelson 4.5 stars
Heroine: Gabriela Ortiz 4.5 stars
Steam: 4.5 stars 
Plot: 4.5 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes! Get down with a messed up bad boy biker and his sexy bad girl in this scorching novel.  You will fall in love with Crash and believe it or not his sensitive side, while admiring Gabi and the strong, gutsy woman she is.

Would I recommend these authors: Yes! What can you say about an author that does it all and does it really well.  Vivian Lux continues to amaze and enthrall me with her astonishing storylines and unforgettable characters.  Ms. Lux is in a class by herself when it comes to creating a world with MC bad boys and the remarkable women that they love! I cannot wait for her next release.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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  1. Love the review and love your blog. This books definitely going on my tbr pile.