Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review of Bound For Salvation (Bound Trilogy #2) by Kendra Leigh

Hell was hot, but the flames of deliverance might be the ones to burn …

For the first time in living memory, Angel Lawson feels cherished.

Ethan Wilde has taught her that love is possible for all, even the sinners among us. The bonds of his love free her from the shackles of her guilt. Inch by inch, he’s slid under her skin, folding himself around her soul like a soothing blanket. His love nourishes her starving heart, and his passion fuels the scorching flames of her deepest desires, driving her to the blissful edge of sweet insanity.

Brick by brick, she tears down the protective wall she’s built around her heart, and the ice inside begins to thaw.

To Ethan, Angel is the sole reason he exists, the blood in his veins, the drug to his addiction. He vows to mend her, to help her confront her demons and come to terms with a buried past that continues to haunt her.

But what lies beneath the surface of Ethan’s past?

Pasts left hidden to rot become dirty secrets. Secrets that can tear even the strongest love apart.

And secrets have a habit of revealing themselves when least expected ...

Bound For Salvation

Book 2 of The Bound Trilogy, by Kendra Leigh.

Relentlessly sexy. Emotionally deep. Tangled, twisted, intricately woven love story with romance and suspense. For readers 18 and over due to explicit sexual content.

Overall Rating:  4.25 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Bound for Salvation is the second book in author Kendra Leigh’s, Bound Trilogy.  This is Angel and Ethan’s story, a story that continues to interweave their lives together as they overcome tragedies from the past that haunt them both. In this latest installment our main characters are tested and they find out that true love will find a way.

Scars are not worn only on the outside as Ethan Wilde knows from experience.  He has used his own knowledge of life to help Angel heal and move toward the future. Angel is his other half, the part that restores him.  She is his light, the love of his life! Nothing has ever really scared him until now and the thought of losing Angel!  A shadow from his past has returned and it maybe the end of everything he cherishes. 

Life has been loveless for Angel Lawson.  Her father blames her for her mother’s death and treats her as if she doesn’t exist.  She had no one that cared about her, until Ethan came into her life and filled all the empty spaces in her broken heart. Slowly with his care and love, she has started to trust, feel and love.  But can it be real, this love they share?  Angel is so accustomed to betrayal and hatred from her family that it is hard to believe that Ethan is really hers. Will her tortured past continue to control her or will she break free with Ethan’s help?

People are never what they seem and sometimes they are just pure evil.  Evil destroys everything that crosses its path.  Angel and Ethan must face the past to find their future.

Hero: Ethan Wilde 4.25 stars
Heroine: angel Lawson 4.25 stars
Steam: 4.25 stars 
Plot: 4.25 stars 
Cliffhanger: Yes

Would I recommend this book: Yes! If you are into hot, sizzling sexual encounters between a sexy alpha male and his beautifully sensual female, then this is a read you will not want to miss! This is a book that has it all and will leave you panting for more.

Would I recommend this author: Yes!  Ms. Leigh is a master at creating sexual tension between her characters and a storyline that builds on redemption and reconciliation. 

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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