Monday, June 15, 2015

Review of Karma (Kings of Rebellion #1) by K.T. Fisher

We first met Lauren in Rockstar’s Temptation, where she wasn’t the best sister to Maisy and tried to come between her and the man she loved. 

Lauren doesn’t know why she is such a bitch, but she is. There is no use denying it or hiding it. She believes in being who you are and fuck those who don’t like it. That also results in her not having many friends, if any, and not much family left. Even her boyfriend doesn’t want her anymore – well, he actually caught her in bed with his two friends and kicked her out. Her ex is pissed, and she soon realises the hard way that she never should have betrayed him. Yet, pretty-boy Andrew isn’t as innocent as she thought. In fact, it turns out he’s connected to one of the biggest gangs in America. 

Lauren is beaten and abused in every way possible. Her human rights are stripped, and she is treated like an animal. Blindfolded and gagged, Lauren has no idea what is going to become of her, or if she will ever get out of the mess she has found herself in. 

Karma has finally caught up with Lauren Ashford, but is this the end, or can someone out there help her? Are there men strong enough, or even brave enough, to face up to her captors?
When the toughest drug lords from Philadelphia come crashing into her kidnappers’ motorcycle club's cabin, they find a beautiful girl chained up to a wall and made to live like a dog on the hard floor. She’s not the only one, though: beside Lauren, there are two other girls. Even these hard criminals can see that this isn’t right. In their world, women are treated with respect. 

From here, Lauren is given the greatest gift. To go home. Once back in the UK, Lauren is under the protection of the UK Kings of Rebellion crew and is shocked to find that even though they are dangerous, they treat her so much better. One of these men is Brandon, the oldest son and next in line to take over the family business. Is this the man that Lauren needs? Or do her old habits of being a “do now, think later” kind of bitch, come back to bite her in the ass? 

One thing is for certain, the president of the motorcycle club, who took her, wants her back... 

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★★
Karma is a bitch, ain't it babe? Especially when you've been the one dishing it out to others and suddenly you’re the one on the receiving end! The shock factor runs throughout this entire book. With vivid details that are written in a believable and unsettling fashion at times. This story will consume you with the realism and tap into your dark side without using your imagination an added bonus delivered by this talented author. Everything has been created in this MC world to submerge the reader into a realistic experience that at times is frightening in its intensity but shines with Lauren and Brandon's love story.

Lauren aka Raven accepts being sold as a sex slave and becoming a piece of property to a true one percent motorcycle club. Lauren really believes she deserves what she is going through, because at one time she was a world class beotch. Yes, she had caused physical and emotional harm to her sister and family. Her past meanness against her sister and the harm she caused fueled Lauren's need to seek forgiveness. When she was finally rescued by another MC, she didn't view it as such. She was still in shock from the abuse she had endured. Her mind is strong and after weeks of torture and rape at the hand of the evil men that enslaved her, she is finally able to heal with Brandon's help and return to the land of the living. It took weeks after her rescue, for Lauren to realize how much she wanted to live again and rectify the harm she had inflected upon others. Brandon is a true alpha male! His double sided personality is well done and integrated perfectly into the storyline. There is a divide inside his character and you can feel the separation of his two selves as you read. Grim is doom and destruction and Brandon is gentle and loving. This character is well developed and while at times seems to be a knight in shining armor his down and dirty side still shows. As he protects Lauren and helps her heal finding their happily ever after is this the end or will the evil lurking in the shadows strike again? I suggest you read this book to find out! Hero: Brandon ‘Grim’ 5 stars Heroine: Lauren ‘Raven’ 5 stars Steam: 5 stars Plot: 5 stars Cliffhanger: No Would I recommend this book: Yes! Mix a really bad boy with an equally bad girl and shake it up with angst, hot sex and action packed drama and you have only touched the surface of this phenomenal book! Would I recommend this author: Yes! K. T. Fisher produces well written books with highly developed plots and storylines that are presented in such a way that the reader will feel like they are inside the book. Ms. Fisher creates realistic characters that will intrigue as well as ensnare the reader with her unique stories. Congratulations to an amazing author for creating incredible literary works for her readers to enjoy.

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