Monday, June 15, 2015

Review of Vérité by Rachel Blaufeld

That’s me—Tingly Simmons—athlete, foreign-language major, professor lover, obsessed idiot girl. Definitely not a frat rat or sorority slut. I’ve never even played beer pong.

I ditched the vapid, soulless high-society life of Los Angeles for the promise of something more meaningful in rural Ohio. Accepting a track scholarship for college, I tried running my way to happiness, but instead I ended up sleeping with my French professor and falling head over heels for him. 

When that relationship fell apart, so did I.

Barely hanging on by a thread and using the most absurd coping skills, I was determined to hide behind my past indiscretions. That was, until I met Tiberius Jones. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d learn the truth about love from a six-foot-five basketball player.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Vérité is Rachel Blaufeld's newest endeavor in the world of romantic writing.  And what a beautifully written piece it is.  Rachel has a way with her words that flow onto the page in a relentless orchestra of grace.  The newest characters to be created are Tingly Simmons and Tiberius Jones.  Crafted to perfection which I expected no less, the unlikely couple give new meaning to the words destiny.

Tingly Simmons is on a scholarship in college for track.  She left her high society parents in Los Angeles to separate herself from the uppityness of her lineage.  Through her journey of self awareness, she makes monumental mistakes by sleeping with her French professor and messing everything up!  A year later after the professor debacle, she is still trying to put the pieces of herself back together.  Tingly meets a six-foot-five basketball star, Tiberius Jones and finds friendship from a very usual man.

Tiberius Jones comes from New Jersey.  He has lived in the bad part of town all his life with his mama.  Her one dream for him was for him to make something special of himself.  "Be extra-ordinary", meaning that he could do anything he wants as long as he remembers who he is and not be something outlandish.  And he's good, really really good!  On a full ride basketball scholarship to college, in athletic study hall, he runs into a girl that one girl that changes everything for him.  She's running from a lot of things and he wants her to stop running.  He wants to help her...

This story will grab hold of you from the beginning and tap into your every sense.  The topic of black and white issues that plague our society as well as loving someone that doesn't come from the "right side of the tracks" is delicately yet loudly given a voice to in this book.  This is a book that everyone should read, not only for pleasure, but for the underlying issues that this author brings into play that will make the reader think, feel passion and love.  Rachel is a master at her craft and it shows yet again in her new book,  Vérité.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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