Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review of Reawakening (Regent Vampire Lords #3) by K.L. Kreig

“I’m not a piece of property that you can just claim, Romaric.”

Having been held hostage for a month by vicious vampires, Sarah is now recovering in the most unlikely of places…the shelter that her sister, Kate and her vampire mate, Devon, opened to help such victims as herself. After months under the watchful eye of her sister, she’s finally put a plan into motion to secure her future when a very imposing, very stoic and utterly drop dead gorgeous vampire takes her world by storm and turns it completely upside down.

“Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong, my beauty. You are mine and I’ve come to do exactly that.”

Romaric Dietrich, West Regent Vampire Lord is one of the oldest vampires alive. He’s cold, calculating and nearly unmatched in power. Vampires recognize their Moiras instantaneously and upon first laying eyes on Sarah Hill, he senses she’s his. His Moira. His Destined mate. The one woman meant to be his and his alone. But how is that possible when he’d loved and lost his first? In his quest to uncover the truth, not only does he discover that Sarah is indeed the other half of his soul, but he’s put himself, and his mate, in the crosshairs of yet another very powerful enemy.

Only bonded together do they have the power to win the battles ahead.
With one look into his icy-blues, Sarah knows that Romaric is not the aloof, uncaring enigma he pretends to be. Underneath his cool, rough exterior lays a passionate, romantic and fiercely loving heart of gold. As they fight the battles to come, Sarah holds the key to not only unlocking his centuries hardened soul, but to the one thing that will save them both from this new nemesis.

But will she make her decision in time? And will they finally get the happiness they both deserve?

Overall Rating:  4.25 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

In this next addition to the Regent Vampire Lords series, Reawakening (book 3) by K.L. Kreig the saga continues with Rom and Sarah’s story.   As their tumultuous pasts collide they come together to build a future for themselves and other supernatural beings.  This paranormal romance is filled with drama and angst.  The underlining secondary storylines build towards a fantastic heart felt ending! I've patiently been waiting to read this book and didn't want to read it quickly, because I knew I would have to wait for the next one.  I was not let down by the author’s quick wit and charismatic characters as she delivered another phenomenal fictional read.

Rom lost his Moira long ago. He is the rock, the foundation for the regent vampire lords and we are given an entirely different perspective of him in this book.   He is the oldest and strongest of the regent vampire lords.  His fierce possessiveness of Sarah enables the reader to understand him even more because of the scars hidden on his soul that haunt him from his past.  Fiery, enthusiastic and wanton, Sarah fills Rom's world with color.  Her submissive obedience in the bedroom and defiant personality elsewhere combines for explosive interaction between them.  After being captured by Xavier and then rescued, she has her own demons to work through.

There was so much going on I didn't want to miss anything.  I discovered that I really like Geoffrey and hope that he gets his own book.  Also, because Sarah is a daughter of Xavier, her interaction with her sisters provides dimension and additional layers to the story along with updates on the previous couples.  This was another exceptionally well written book that enhanced my library. I look forward to whatever this amazing author does next.

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