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The Twin Duo



thought losing my memory was the worst thing in the world. Forgetting
who you are, and where you came from was like driving on a road with
only right turns. All leading in the same direction. A direction I
wanted to avoid, a dark tunnel that I had to enter if I ever wanted


Losing my memory wasn’t the worst thing in the world.
Learning, who I was, and the secrets I had kept was way worse. The
unbearable pull and the passion we shared, mixed with the past that I
didn’t want to remember, created a whole new storm. The perfect
storm of two kinds of crazy. Stupid little fish.

leaned up on his knees. “Is that Nick?” “Yes,” I replied as I
fell into the same tense position he moved to. Elbows on knees, and
eyes and ears on the voices. “Where the fuck are my kids?” I
leaned up and hit pause, stopping it right there. “This is how it’s
going to go? We haven’t even started yet, Paxton. I don’t know
where they are. I just asked myself the same question. I’m assuming
they were at one of the thousands of activities you had them in. I
don’t know.” “You were supposed to be with them.” “Yeah,
well, I wasn’t, and I don’t remember why. So. Do you want to do
this or not? I don’t see where any good can come from it if you’re
going to be like this.” “How the fuck do you expect me to be,
Gabriella? You’ve been involved with Lane for the last year. And
this shit. I don’t even know what you’re doing here, or why
you’re not with our children.” “I’m done. You have fun
watching it by yourself,” I said as I pulled my stone from his, and
stood like it was really that easy. Paxton jerked me back to his side
by my shirt, his hand went around my throat, and he told me how
things were going down. Not my way. “You fucking did this to us.
You’re the one that showed up here like this with all these lies
and secrets. Let’s find out what you’ve been hiding. Okay? We
said we were doing this together. That’s what we’re doing.
Understand?” I couldn’t reply with one single word. Not even a
nod. My eyes closed, my throat closed, trying to control it, and
tears slid down my face. Paxton abruptly stopped, let go of me, and
stood. “Fuck this, Gabriella. Fuck. I’m sorry. Fuck. I’m just
so fucked up over all of this. You forget to stop and think about
what it’s like for me. Look at what you’ve brought into this
house over the last few months. How do you expect me to be?” Words
spewed from my mouth as tears slid down my cheeks. “This isn’t
working, Paxton. Let’s stop. I can’t do this with you anymore. I
bring out the worst in you, and you do the same to me. It’s not
fair to either one of us. We can be good parents without one
another.” Paxton looked at me like I’d just punched him in his
other eye. “We’re not quitting. No, Gabriella. We’re not
quitting. Don’t you ever think you’re leaving me. You’re never
leaving, not even if we find out that you’re the wrong wife. You
did this. You’re not going anywhere.” “There’s not a lot you
can do to stop me, Pax. I can’t do this thing with you.” I jumped
a little when he moved back to my side, afraid of him for a second.
“I’m sorry, Gabriella. I’m sorry. I don’t want it to be like
this. I’m sorry. I swear I won’t get mad. I know you don’t
remember any of this, but damnit. It’s so frustrating. Where the
fuck was I? Why didn’t I notice this going on right under my nose?”
“Paxton, I don’t know.” 


(The Twin Duo #1)

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Woodruff is a lifelong writer, living in a pretend world since she
was a little girl. Jettie spent hours filling pages of spiral
notebooks with a number two pencil and a wild imagination. Her very
first story was a scifi of all things.

writes more along the lines of erotica now. She likes to keep her
readers on edge, and deliver a story that will pull out every emotion
possible. Writing on the edge of taboo and dark, Jettie hopes to
distribute an adventure you'll not soon forget.

for twenty five years, raising two boys and one girl has left lots of
writing material. She has recently become a grandma to not one, but
two of the most beautiful little girls on planet earth.

also hates doing this bio. That's all you get. She loves to read and
write. What else is there? <3

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