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Her Royal Masquerade Her Royal Romance #1 Natasha Moore

Time is running out for Prince Vittorio. His father’s health is failing and he must find a royal bride. Fast. He’s never forgotten his glimpse of a beautiful Scandinavian princess and lures her to his Mediterranean country with an invitation to his father’s birthday ball. He’d planned to propose a marriage agreement as cold as her icy reputation, but then he discovers she's as colorful and warm as a summer sunset. The heat between them flares red-hot and when she allows him to seduce her, Vittorio sees his future unfolding just as he had planned. But what he doesn’t know is that the woman in his bed is not a princess at all.

The last thing schoolteacher Mia Holmberg expects when she masquerades as her royal cousin is to be swept off her feet by a charming prince. The incredible night in Vittorio’s arms is like a fairy tale come true, but she’d never want the life of a real princess, with all its pomp and politics. Knowing they can never have a future together, she slips out of his bed and back to reality, where she belongs. 

But Vittorio discovers the deception and kidnaps Mia back to his palace, demanding she be his mistress until the real princess appears. Despite her attempts to stay aloof, Mia soon learns there’s more to the prince than arrogance and attitude, but now she’s in danger of falling in love with a man she can never have.

Overall Rating:  4 Rockin’ ★★★

Mia Holmberg use to love standing in for her cousin, Princess Birgitte.  But now that both of them are older and no longer children, Mia is tired of playing second fiddle.  But what do you say when the Princess – yes, real royalty – asks you a favor?  You stand in again.

The Ice Princess is here and just as beautiful as Prince Vittorio remembers.  If he has to marry for duty and not for love he might as well enjoy what he has to look at, right?

As the night rolls on Prince Vittoria and “Princess Birgitte” find keeping things on a neutral ground impossible.  Mia “has not felt such an immediate attraction to a man since…since ever.”  And Prince Vittoria is finding the Ice Princess to be a lot hotter than he predicted.

This is until he discovers she is a stand in.  The Prince is so angered, he kidnaps Mia until the real princess shows herself.  Neither are prepared for what happens next.

Heroine:  Mia 4 stars
Hero: Vittorio 4 stars
Steam: 4 stars
Plot: 4 stars
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book:  Most definitely.  Great love story with some super sexy scenes with a great flow without a lot of descriptions on meaningless stuff.

Would I recommend this author:  I would read more of this author.  She has a smooth flow to her books and left me with enough information on the support characters that I would seek out spin offs of their lives or be content with my version of the future.

***Received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review***


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All Night Long (Black Halo #1) by Madelynne Ellis

One night of rampant passion with a rock star, that’s all it’s supposed to be. Ginny Walters isn’t looking for love, only some sexy fun with an amazingly hot guy, that is, until she hooks up with Black Halo’s lead guitarist, Ash Gore, on the night the band implodes. When vocalist Xane walks off stage bringing the gig to a premature end, Ash and the guys find themselves unable to reach their hotel due to the presence of an irate mob. Luckily, Ginny offers them the use of her room for the night.

Ginny does her best to be a good hostess. However, it’s not long before she discovers a side to womanizing, bad boy, Ash that she never imagined. Beneath his hard rock image, is a man so hung up on the possibility of being hurt by love that he’s unwilling to risk becoming emotionally involved. How can she convince him that the bond between them is worth exploring, given that she’s not sure dating a rock star is terribly bright idea?

Ash can’t seem to get Ginny out of his head. She’s totally unlike the groupies he normally beds; women who love to fan his ego, but ultimately leave him dismally unsatisfied. Ginny sees through all his bullshit and the media hype to the scarred man beneath. Given that instinctive understanding, does he really want to say goodbye forever coming daybreak?

Maybe it’s time they both gave love another chance.

Overall Rating:  3.75 Rockin’ ★★★☆

"He didn't get emotionally attached.  He didn't need that kind of baggage, much preferring to remain a free agent, not beholden to anyone else's expectations, and luckily for him there was always at least one willing girl at each venue - frequently more - willing to show him a good time."

"She was right.  It was more than that, there was a connection, and he did feel it as ardently as she did."

Black Halo Book 1, All Night Long is a book about taking chances and taking what life has to offer.  This was a great story with a hot and steamy Ash Gore and an equally vivacious vixon, Ginny.  Consumed with passion and fearless want, the couple are thrust together by a chance meeting which shuttles them into a tumultuous relationship that caught them both off guard.  The characters were well developed and I felt their desires and needs right along with them.  

Ash Gore, the lead guitarists of the Black Halo band is a womanizer, who was heartbroken years ago and never wanted to take the chance of being hurt ever again.  He liked to play around without consequences.  Although a one time tryst leads to more than a one night stand and he can't seem to get enough of one Ginny Walters.

Ginny Walters, a nymphomaniac in her own right, was longing for a chance encounter with any "Rock Star".  Little does she know that everything is about to change for her and the way she views relationships.  

Will they take a chance on love and putting themselves out there again, or will they succumb to the desires of the heart, body and soul?  I recommend that you read the book to learn about their story.  I really enjoyed the feelings this book provoked in me.  It took me on a journey of sensual, sexual need and want, as well as delivered a great plot.  Job well done, Madelynne Ellis!  Grēta

Hero -   Ash Gore 4.0 stars
Heroine -  Ginny Walters 4.0 stars
Steam Level: 4.0 stars 
Plot: 3.5 stars 
Cliffhanger: Yes

Would I recommend this book: Yes!

Would I read other books by this author: Yes!

***Received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

~Cover Reveal~

Icing on the Cake
Close to Home Series ● Book 2


Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Close to Home, Book 2 (may be read as a standalone)
Release Date: July 1, 2014

Nia and Conns wedding will be fairytale perfect…if their siblings can get along.

Free-spirited, anti-establishment Sara has always been on the outside of her familys fairytale mold. Now shes being forced smack into the middle of it at her sister Nias wedding. Alongside the cocky and annoyingly sexy best man—Conns cop brother.

Curtis doesnt buy in to organized romance and fairytales. But for his brother, hell throw on a tux and fake it for a few hours. His flak vest would have been a better choice around the maid of honor. He should have brought his handcuffs too, because somebody needs to restrain the dark-haired spitfire—and hes just the man for the job.

One night to indulge the spark between them, then goodbye—that was the agreement. Curtis isnt looking for a relationship and he sure doesnt want a troublemaker for a girlfriend. The last thing Sara needs in her daily life is a cop looking over her shoulder, no matter how hot he is.
But giving in to their chemistry is much more fun than giving it up…

Itd been a year and a half since fate—or more specifically, car trouble and bad weather—had brought Conn and Nia together. In that time, thered been several occasions where the Lawler and Chambers families had mixed. Sara hadnt attended. Not even Christmas dinner at her sisters house. Saras family didnt make excuses on her behalf, nor did they seem upset. Instead they affectionately tossed around terms such as “free-spirited” and “nonconformist.

Well, the free-spirited nonconformist better walk through the church doors, stat.  Anybody who got in the way of his brothers happiness, especially this weekend, would be answering to Curtis. Badge and handcuffs not required for that job.

“You didnt bring a date for the wedding,” Conn said, interrupting Curtis internal threats toward a woman hed never met.

“Nah. With the wedding all the way up here, that wouldve meant spending an entire weekend together at the various family-bonding events. An invitation like that tends to send the ‘this is serious message.”

Conn stretched his arms along the top of the church pew while nodding. “Gotcha.”

“Yeah.” Not that Curtis had anything against commitment. The right woman just hadnt come along. Because he purposely kept busy with the wrong ones.

“Since youre flying solo this weekend, I need a favor.”

“Spending tomorrow in a monkey suit isnt favor enough? Especially after that overly friendly tailor at the tuxedo-rental place got a little too much enjoyment out of measuring my inseam?”

One of Conns patented grins took over his face. “Did you check the pockets yet? He mightve slipped you his number.”

“Whatever, man.” He gave Conn a friendly shot to the ribs.

“How you, the totally unavailable groom-to-be, got the hot Asian chick to measure you while I got stuck with the grabby-hands guy, I have no fucking idea.”

“Was she hot? I didnt notice.”

Oh man, he was serious.  Love had put blinders on his brother. Big time.

“Ten out of ten,” Curtis said, shaking his head. “So, whats the favor?”

Conns smile thinned. “Keep an eye on Sara. Make sure she doesnt cause any trouble.”

“Babysitting detail.”


“Is she that bad?”

“I hope not,” Conn said as the churchs front door slammed and all heads turned toward the entryway.

Call him fucked-up, but one look at the dark-haired beauty whod just strutted into the building, and Curtis kinda hoped Sara lived up to her troublemaker reputation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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Cup of Sugar Book 1

~Sale~Red & Wolfe Part 1 & 2 by Ella James

Red and Wolfe: Part Two by Ella James

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Contemporary Erotica
 65 Pages

Return to Rabbit Island for the erotic second installment of Red & Wolfe, the sensual story of exiled playboy James Wolfe and writer Sarah "Red" Ryder. This is an erotic fairy tale inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. The first installment was originally featured in the BEND Anthology, and can now be purchased here: tinyurl.com/lwdg844


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Contemporary Erotica
35 Pages

When Sarah "Red" Ryder loses her job as an art critic for a Boston newspaper, she's brokenhearted. Worse than that? She's broke. Her boyfriend recently left her - for a tatted-up hottie with a dick - so she's stuck paying her hefty apartment rent alone. After two months unemployed, there's no money left. With no immediate family to turn to, Red reaches out to her estranged grandmother, a reclusive writer living on an island off the coast of Charleston. Several days later, Red receives $30,000 and an invitation to visit.

James Wolfe is not Red's grandmother. But he beckons her. Red has the ability to give him something he needs. He won't take "no" for an answer, and he doesn't mind screwing her over. He lost his conscience six years ago, when he was tried for the murder of his wife. Since then, life is about him - and the paintings he does under the mysterious pseudonym "W." 

Wolfe needs the island to keep painting. To live his life away from prying eyes. To keep up the anonymity of "W." 

Once he sees Red, he finds that he needs her, too. And Wolfe will have her. Any way he can.

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Hidden Treasure (Billionaire Bachelors - Book 9) by Melody Anne

The second book in the Lost Anderson series is here, and it comes to you with a kicking and screaming heiress. 
Brielle Storm inherits a dilapidated ranch in the wilds of Montana and she isn’t happy about her situation in the least. She may be moving to her new home, and she may be planning on doing whatever it takes to make her billionaire father happy, but she certainly won’t be doing it with a smile on her face. 

No. Brielle plans on coming to Montana, hiring some ranch hand to do all the work, and then getting out of there before the first winter snow has a chance to hit. 

Montana isn’t a state that offers predictable weather and Brielle is going to find out that the land isn’t the only thing she has to fear. 

When her hotter than any city boy ever dreams of being, cowboy neighbor shows up on her doorstep, Brielle decides that maybe Montana isn’t so bad after-all. 

That is until he laughs openly at her city girl ways. Then, she has something to prove… 

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★

Brielle and her four brothers are summoned by their father for a family meeting.  None of them have the slightest idea what the meeting is about and are stunned when their father tells them that he has canceled all their credit cards, frozen their trust funds and cut them out of his will.  He gives them the choice to listen to him or leave.
“That’s the smartest question you’ve asked so far,” Richard said with a smile before pausing to gaze at each one of his children.  “I’ve purchased five more failing businesses.  You can fight amongst yourselves to choose which one you want to run.  I’ve created a sufficient budget for you to do what needs to be done to bring the companies back into profitability.  If you do this, and do it well, only then will I reinstate you inheritance.  If you fail, you will be on your own.”
Her brothers’ immediate start looking through the folders that tell about the five businesses her father had purchased. Brielle decides that she will make it on her own without any help from anyone.  So starts the first year of her new life with a new job in retail and a new location, Washington D.C.  When the business that she was working for bellies up, Brielle is left with no choice but to go see her father and try to change his mind.  There is only one business left and it is a ranch in Montana.  She tells her father that he is setting her up for failure, that she knows nothing about a ranch.
“You will always be my baby girl.  I love your brothers dearly, but you will always hold more of my heart than anyone else.  And I know you can do this.  I wouldn’t have asked you to do a task I thought you’d fail at.”
Brielle cannot believe what she sees when she arrives at the ranch.  An enormous house that is in a sorry state of disrepair and lots of dust, grime and spiders! 
For the first time since she was thirteen she threw a tantrum of epic proportions.  How in the world could she live here and run this ranch?  She knows nothing about cows and wheat. 
“I hate it here!” she shrieked, feeling like a fool but not caring.  She hadn’t been at the ranch for five minutes and already her world was crumbling.  “Spiders, cobwebs, rocks, dirt, grime, and who knows what else! Lions and tigers and bears…”
When Brielle realizes that she is not alone, she pulls herself together and turns to face the most amazing man…a hot piece of man candy dressed up like a cowboy. Was she fantasizing?  He was huge with a voice that sounded like velvet and had her wondering what was wrong with her. She was not attracted to this man.  What was she supposed to do? Whenever Brielle felt that she was backed in a corner she came out swinging and that’s how she felt with Colt, so she gave it to him.  
When she finally found her voice, she was grateful that it came out with a bite.  “Get your hands off me this instant, or I swear you will never be able to have children!”
Colt had planned on buying the ranch to add it to his own thirty thousand acres, but Richard Storm had scooped up the ranch.  So since she thinks he works for her he decides to do just that and convince her to sell the Ponderosa Pines to him.  This should take too long after all she is a city girl and shouldn’t last a week. He talks with the ranch foreman and gets him to agree to help him.
“Brielle thinks I work for her.”  It took a couple of moments before Tony’s lips turned up.  Then he was laughing outright.  At first, colt was in shock, but he couldn’t help but join in the laughter.  “Well, don’t that just work to your advantage?”  Tony asked when he was done chuckling.
Yeah, Colt feels like everything is going his way.  Soon the land would be his and he already had plans to improve the property.  What could possibly go wrong?  Brielle could go wrong!  The woman wanted to learn about the ranch and she was determined to do so.  When he agrees to take Brielle on a tour of her property the first stop is Sterling to get her some appropriate clothes to ride in.  Only problem is they end up on the floor of Peggy’s store and the sparks fly.
That hoity-toity image she’d assumed and wanted him to think she was all about had to be a smoke screen, because the kiss she’d just given back to him was about as hot as it got.  There were some serious fireworks hidden inside Brielle, and she’d just ignited his curiosity-and that wasn’t all she’d ignited.  The home fires were burning.
Brielle needs to stay for a year and learn as much as possible to bring the ranch back into the black.  Colt wants the land that belongs to Brielle and has decided to do anything that is necessary to get it.  Who will win and what will the winner really get?

Hero –Colt Westbrook: 5 stars
Heroine –Brielle Storm: 5 stars
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 5 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes! This is a fantastic read…love the way the author tells a story and immerses the reader into the lives of her characters.

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! I have read all of this author’s Billionaire Bachelors Series, The Tycoon Series and Surrender Series.  Can’t wait to read more!

***Received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

Wild Ways (Justiss Alliance #2) by Tina Wainscott

The Justiss Alliance returns in Tina Wainscott’s novel of outlaws and daredevils, as the search for a missing woman forces two brave souls to tap into their wild side.

When her sister, Diana, rides off into the sunset with a member of the Kings of Chaos motorcycle gang, Mollie Reagan is beyond worried. Two weeks later, a desperate call from Di is abruptly cut off, launching Mollie on a dangerous search.

Before Julian Cuevas receives his first assignment for the Justiss Alliance, he finds one of his own: a beautiful, courageous woman looking for her sister in the dark world of violent criminals. Soon Mollie’s mission is Julian’s mission—one he’d give his life for.

Mollie is used to going it alone. Trusting one stranger is hard enough, but Julian brings a whole team from the private “security” firm he works for. The sexy SEAL is living proof that some people can be counted on, even if her savior is a well-armed world-class sniper riding in on his Harley. From head to toe, Julian is a lethal weapon—and now he’s taking aim at fulfilling Mollie’s every desire.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★

This is second book in the Justiss Alliance series by Tina Wainscott, and the first book I’ve read by Tina.  Hook me up - I’m jumping on the fan wagon!  This is an amazing book!  I was hooked the moment I started reading and couldn't put it down.  It was an intense roller coaster ride where my emotions ranged from laughing to crying. The two main characters, Julian and Mollie, have so many issues to resolve between them and seeing the outcome made this book truly one of my favorite reads in a long time. 

Julian Cuevas is a sexy Latino, Harley riding, ex-Navy SEAL with a dominating personality.  When he meets Mollie he knows she is in over her head. Mollie Reagan is searching desperately for her sister, Di who has ran off with Brick a member of the Kings of Chaos MC.  She will stop at nothing to bring her sister home.  That's how she meets Julian. She is at a seedy biker bar late one night to meet an informant who says he has information about her sister. Unfortunately, he never shows and her life changes forever. The MC wants her out of the picture. That's when Juliann decides he will help her find her sister, and the journey begins. Little do they know what that would entail? 

Molly is insecure because everyone always leaves her.  She is a woman who has lived a life full of rejection.  Her fear of abandonment, rules her thoughts and actions.  She thinks Julian will leave her too.  Will her insecurities destroy her chance at happiness as she continues to build walls around her heart?

This book has so many twists and turns it is impossible to put it down once the adventure begins.  I highly recommend it. Tina Wainscott's writing allows an exciting experience for the reader. You are able to visualize the events as they are happening; feeling the despair, love, heartache, and joy.  Thank you so much, Tina, for the many hours of pleasure and bliss I found through your story!

Hero – 4.5 stars
Heroine – 4.5 stars
Plot – 4.5 stars
Steam Level – 4.5 stars
Cliffhanger – No

Would I recommend this book:  Oh YES!  Bikers, Navy SEALS, Alphas, oh my!  And the brotherhood joining together to aid Molly in her quest to find her sister and bring her home, let’s just say they were awesome, too.

Would I recommend this author:  Yes.  I can’t wait to read her next book, and I plan on getting the first one in this series ASAP!

Buy Link:  Amazon / Barnes and Noble

***Received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review***

~New Release~

Title: Hidden Treasure
Series: Billionaire Bachelors #9
Author: Melody Anne
Publication Date: May 19, 2014

Summary: The second book in the Lost Anderson series is here, and it comes to you with a kicking and screaming heiress. 

Brielle Storm inherits a dilapidated ranch in the wilds of Montana and she isn’t happy about her situation in the least. She may be moving to her new home, and she may be planning on doing whatever it takes to make her billionaire father happy, but she certainly won’t be doing it with a smile on her face.

No. Brielle plans on coming to Montana, hiring some ranch hand to do all the work, and then getting out of there before the first winter snow has a chance to hit.

Montana isn’t a state that offers predictable weather and Brielle is going to find out that the land isn’t the only thing she has to fear.

When her hotter than any city boy ever dreams of being, cowboy neighbor shows up on her doorstep, Brielle decides that maybe Montana isn’t so bad after-all.

That is until he laughs openly at her city girl ways. Then, she has something to prove…

About Melody Anne: Melody Anne is the author of the popular series, Billionaire Bachelors, and Baby for the Billionaire. She also has a Young Adult Series out; Midnight Fire and Midnight Moon - Rise of the Dark Angel. She's been writing for years and published in 2011. She hold a bachelors degree in business, so she loves to write about strong, powerful, businessmen.

When Melody isn't writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets. She lives in a small town that she loves, and is involved in many community projects.

See Melody's Website at: www.melodyanne.com. She makes it a point to respond to all her fans. You can also join her on facebook at: www.facebook.com/authormelodyanne, or at twitter: @authmelodyanne.

Goodreads Link: http://bit.ly/1o3qAWI

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“I hate it here!” she shrieked, feeling like a fool but not caring. She hadn’t been at the ranch for five minutes and already her world was crumbling. “Spiders, cobwebs, rocks, dirt, grime, and who knows what else! Lions and tigers and bears…”
      Her angry tears soon stopped, but Brielle was still in a foul mood as she sat there trying to breathe normally. After a few moments, she pulled herself together. Wasn’t she better than this? When she heard the crunch of footsteps behind her, she grimaced, not wanting to deal with anyone or anything else right then.
      Whipping her head around, she got ready to tell whoever it was to go away when her tongue got stuck on the roof of her mouth. When the person who’d invaded her privacy spoke, she felt even more disoriented.
      “May I help you?”
      Brielle couldn’t seem to find her voice. Since she was still sitting on the ground, the man standing before her was so tall, he seemed to block out the sun. His boots looked old, his jeans dusty — like that truck — and the shirt plastered to his chest had seen better days. Brielle tilted her neck all the way back to examine his face, which was shadowed by the brim of his faded cowboy hat.
      “Are you real?” she asked.
      When his lips tilted up in a sardonic smile, she thought for a moment that she might be fantasizing. No, not likely. Where she was from, girls never fantasized about cowboys — she preferred a man in a suit. Still, she had to admit, if only to herself, that the guy towering over her was one hell of a hot piece of man candy.
      And then he spoke again. “You must be Brielle Storm. I’m Colt Westbrook.”

~Review~Against the Cage (Worth the Fight #1) by Sidney Halston

In her Loveswept debut, Sidney Halston turns up the heat as a sexy cage fighter shows a former bookworm how delicious a few rounds between the sheets can be.   

For Chrissy Martin, returning to her Florida hometown always seems to bring bad luck. The day starts with a breakup text, followed by a jailhouse phone call from her troublemaker brother. Now a routine traffic stop has ended with her accidentally punching an officer . . . in adelicate place. Then Chrissy realizes that the hot cop on the receiving end of her right hook is none other than the man from her teenage fantasies.
Jack Daniels knows how to take a hit. After all, when he’s not chasing reckless drivers, he’s kicking ass in a mixed martial arts ring. So what takes his breath away isn’t the low blow, but the woman who dealt it: a gorgeous knockout with legs Jack wouldn’t mind being pinned under—who just so happens to be his best friend’s nerdy little sister, all grown up. Soon their instant chemistry leads to a sizzling affair, but Jack and Chrissy are fighting an uphill battle if they want to make love last beyond the final bell.

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★

He is her brother’s best friend and she has had a crush on him for years.  When her father is killed in a car accident our heroine leaves her home in Tarpon Springs and doesn’t look back.  After receiving a come bail me out of jail call from her big brother she makes the trip home.   Only problem is once she gets there she is pulled over for speeding and guess who the officer is?
“License and registration,” said the husky voice from outside. Gingerly, he bent down to window-level and for the first time, she was able to see his face.  And, like a lightening bolt, Chrissy’s past collided right into he, a past she so wanted to forget.
Jack cannot believe that this is his best friend’s frumpy little sister, Chris!  This woman was nothing like the girl that had left eleven years ago. 
One long, fair, well-defined leg in the sexiest red high heels he’d ever seen stepped out of the car. Then, the other.  Jesus Christ! Was this the same goofy little Chrissy Martin?  Somehow, Jack had transformed into one of those cartoon characters whose eyes popped in and out of its socket.  Holy hot legs, Batman!
Chrissy cannot believe how much Jack has changed, a police officer, please!  He had always been protective of her but now he was all alpha male.  However, she was not the same naïve little girl that had followed Jack and her brother Slade around with hero worship in her eyes. 
That stupid love-struck teenager was gone and now every time Jack gave her one of those panty-dropping dimpled-smiles, she’d remember how mean he had been to her growing up and how he ruined her relationship with her best friend.  How he never saw her as anything other than Prissy Chrissy, a dorky little sister in need of a protective big brother.
Jack offers to help Chrissy get Slade out of jail.  He tells her that he has a key to Slade’s house and will help her get in to her old home.  Chrissy follows Jack home and the chemistry really starts to sizzle between the two of them.  There is only one problem a crazy Chihuahua that thinks he is a pit bull.
“He bites. He’s a quarter pit bull.” Jack said, matter-of-factly. “Oh please.  How can that tiny little beauty bite?”  Chrissy went to reach for it again but Jack moved the dog behind him.  His hand was larger than the dog.  “You must be kidding about the pit bull thing.”  Chrissy laughed.“Trust me.  He bites and growls.  The whole nine yards.  He has a Napoleon complex and thus the name, Drogo”
Will these to be able to forget the past and move toward a future together?  Can Chrissy not only cage Jack, but tame his dog? 
“I’ve been thinking about something that you brother said.  I don’t want to scare you and this is not how I envisioned doing this, but I love you so much baby.  And, I know that we haven’t been together long but we’ve known each other our whole live.” He took another deep breath.  Chrissy sensed he was nervous.  “I know exactly what I would love for you to call me.”

Hero –Jack Daniels: 5 stars
Heroine –Chrissy Martin: 5 stars
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 5 stars 
Cliffhanger: Yes

Would I recommend this book: Yes! This book has it all, hot doctor, hot police officer-cage fighter, hot sex and a crazy, sadistic Chihuahua!  What’s not to love?  This book is funny and sexy. It is a book that also gives a look at second chance relationships and I recommend it as a must read!

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! I look forward to reading where this author will take me with her next story.

***Received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***