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~Spotlight & Sales Blitz Tour: Becca Lee's A Perfect Moment~

A Perfect Moment (Perfect, #1) by Becca Lee

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“When life threatens perfect, it’s time to step up and kick life in the

Ella's perfect moment was taken from her in the worst possible way. Humiliated, heartbroken and absolutely determined not to allow her heart be destroyed for a second
time, she builds an ice wall around her heart.

Preston has known that he was in love with his big sister's best friend since the age of fifteen. Over ten years on, an opportunity to be her knight in shining armour is too good to miss. Putting his heart on the line, he's on a mission to show Ella that the perfect moment is possible.

Ella's instinct is to run when she realises her feelings for her bestie's little brother may just run a little bit deeper than just friends. But if she can't run, she'll try every trick in the book to shake off his affection and realign his feelings.

She already had her perfect moment, and there is no chance she'll let her heart thaw for Preston. No matter how good he looks in the firefighter's Christmas calendar.

Contains steamy-hot moments, romance, friendship and a bulk load of swearing - non explicit sex scenes. ***

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Cheeky Excerpt I woke up with a delicious feeling of sore muscles. The memory of the night’s sweet and heavy kisses, Preston’s heavenly caresses and him planted firmly between my thighs a total of three times, brought a smile to my face. Every touch, every word had been perfect. We’d talked into the early hours, in between getting hot and heavy, and didn’t succumb to sleep until after 3am. I turned towards his bedside clock. It was 10am. Thank goodness for holidays! Preston’s movement and hand stroking small circles on my stomach made me turn my head to look at him. He smiled at me and kissed me tenderly on my shoulder. “Morning, beautiful.”
I couldn’t hold back the goofy grin that formed, nor did I want to. “Morning,” I stretched and yawned. “Sorry.” I laughed, clamping my hand over my mouth.
“No sorry needed. I love seeing you stretched out. You look hot.” He pressed his groin against my leg so that I truly understood exactly how hot he thought I was. A delightful shiver travelled through my body at his touch.
I giggled. Yes, actually giggled. A grown, educated woman of twenty-eight years old giggled at the fine specimen of a man next to me. My giggle was quickly followed by a groan at my ridiculous response. I was acting like a seventeen-year-old. “What?” Preston asked.
I peeked a look at him. “Just groaning at my giggling. Pathetic really.” I’d always been blatantly honest in my friendship with Preston. I didn’t want that to change. Honesty, no matter how tricky it could be, was by far the best.
A throaty laugh erupted out of his chest. “Only you would think a giggle is pathetic. It’s cute.” My raised eyebrow set in challenge did nothing to prevent him from continuing. 

“What? Don’t look at me like that. Cute is good. Sexy, even. Giggling gives me a stiffy.” His face was set in a broad shit-eating smile.
“Nice! Seriously. You talking about your erection as a stiffy is what? Meant to get me all hot and horny for you?” I said with a stoic face.
He laughed again. “It doesn’t matter the word, babe. The fact remains you’re beautiful and I’ll always be hard and ready for you.”
As hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep a straight face. Laughter burst out of my lungs.
“Come on. I’m starving and really need a shower.” I laughed when his eyes lit up at the possibility of a shower together. 

“You’re insatiable. You go and sort out breakfast while I shower. Alone. Please.” I kissed him lightly on his gorgeous lips, bounced out of bed and headed to the en suite.
A Perfect Moment by Becca Lee

Meet Preston!


Firefighter, surfer and regular Aussie hottie.
Preston’s always had a ‘thing’ for his big sister’s best friend. Watching from the sidelines, he’s just been waiting for his chance to show Ella what she’s been missing out on over the past ten years.

Confident, cocky, yet a bit of a romantic, much to the amusement of his firefighting pals, he’s on a mission to prove that he’s more than a good friend. He’s savvy to Ella’s need to run and hide, and he’ll do whatever it takes to stop her in her tracks, even if it’s by dragging her out to sea on his surfboard, or capturing her in a fireman’s lift.

What the reviewers are saying about Preston:

"The hero to Ella's heroine is none other than her smart-mouthed and trouble-making b.f.f's 'baby brother' Preston. I use baby sarcastically because this fine specimen of man is only two years younger than our protagonist and a sexy as sin firefighter/surfer (where can I find me one???) Again Preston's character just shines off the page. He's sweet, sexy but has that immature goof-ball sort of quality that a lot of men are still in possession of at twenty-six and it's simply beautiful to witness him reveal his age old feelings for his friend Ella and in turn watch Ella work through her emotions and neurosis making the progression from friend to lover with Preston. Theirs is a lovely loyal solid friendship with a boat load of hot monkey sex and forever-after-love to hold it all together." - Nicole McCurdy
"I must say I LOVED Preston. He is not a sever Alpha male. I kind of get sick of them all the time. Don’t get me wrong, he is all male, but he has a softer approach that is refreshing." - Justine, Bex 'n' Books
"Preston is charming, helpful and just so into Ella for the longest time that you can't help but just love him too!" - Hazel, The Rock Chick Fairy
"And Preston, dear god, Preston. Baby my ass. This boy is hawt, hawt, hawt firefighter with a sense of humor. I picture the dude from True Blood who played Jason. MMM" - Colourful, Wordwenches Guilty Pleasure

10 Things You May Not Know About Becca Lee's Perfect Series

1. One of the scenes in A Perfect Moment—okay, maybe several—really happened. This one involved a special oil!

2. Preston was inspired by my sexy hubby.

3. A Perfect Moment’s ending was nothing like I envisioned it would be. It changed approximately five times.

4. There will be at least four books in my Perfect Series. 

5. Liam's name was originally Jackson.

6. Initially, I planned for Ella to leave Australia to teach abroad for a year. I'm so pleased I changed it.

7. A Perfect Love, book two, which I am currently writing, has already had two plot changes. One was going to be a real gut-wrencher. I couldn't bear the thought of writing it.

8. When writing the end of A Perfect Moment, I sobbed. Literally, I had to remove myself and hide in the bathroom.

9. The penultimate chapter had to be completely rewritten due to my computer crashing. I was not a happy bunny!

10. The mystery surrounding Dani, whom we meet in a Perfect Moment, will begin to be revealed in book two. However, her book will be book four in the series. 

Thank you for letting me share a little bit about myself with you all. I hope you enjoy A Perfect Moment as much as I had fun writing it.

~Release Blitz & Giveaway: Strike (Spark, #3) by Jennifer Ryder~


Title: Strike (Spark, #3)

Author: Jennifer Ryder

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: August 30, 2014

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00006]

Fast. That’s how I like life, especially my two great joys: bikes and women. I’m committed to exclusively riding one, but not the other.

Until April.

A sexy-arse freelance photographer who’s travelled the world, and doesn’t do long walks on the beach or romantic candlelit dinners. She enjoys running with the bulls and food spicy enough to make your hair fall out. If that weren’t enough to get me hard, she rides a mean mother of a motorcycle.

I’ve gotta have a taste of this wildcat.

~Spencer (Jones)
I don’t do fast. Not anymore. I’ve got my career, my independence, and since I fled Spain to come back home I promised myself that I wouldn’t be put second—or third, for that matter—again.

Then I meet pretty boy Spencer.

He’s smooth, oozing the most potent pheromones probably known to modern science, and he’s making a move on me. One kiss was almost enough for my promise to dissolve.

My head says no—my treacherous body screams yes. I’m gonna make Spencer work for it. Make him fight for the chance to have me, because I know that deep down I’m worth it.

~April MacIntyre


My head pounds, alerting me to the fact that I’m alive. Barely. I run my hand over my bare chest to find a set of fingers clad with rings. The hand tightens, sharp nails scratching my skin as they sweep over my ribs. I shudder with the realisation that she’s still here. That was not part of the plan.

Her hand continues over to my hipbone, and curls around my side. I turn to see her face buried in the pillow beside me, a cascade of fiery red curls tangled down her back, a strong contrast to her pale skin.

I strain to lift my head off the pillow, and there he is. Ryan. On the far edge of my king-sized bed, face down, bare arse and all.

I’m here again. My life on repeat.

My liver screams out its hate for me, and my body aches in silent protest. And why the fuck is my arse sore?

I wriggle to release myself from her hold.

I don’t like them to stay, but Ryan and I were obviously too fucked-up to care. I must’ve passed out, because normally I deal with their exit.

I don’t do mornings. I don’t do awkward. I like simple hook-ups, and then “see ya”; No expectations, no complications.

This here looks complicated.

Walking naked across my bedroom, the floor littered with condom wrappers and clothes, I pick up a rogue black leather shoe and throw it at Ryan’s arse.

He chokes on his snore, and stirs. “Hey, what the fuck, man?” He rolls over, thankfully tugging the tangled sheets with him to shield his dick. I don’t need a vision of his giant cock in the back of my head today.

“What’s up is that you and Princess Redhead need to leave, buddy. I gotta get to work,” I whisper loudly. Working for Dad today is totally gonna blow.

Ryan swings his legs off the bed, and stretches his arms over his head. “Well, you never fail to disappoint, man. Guess I’ll catch ya next time I’m in town.”

I take a white crumpled towel that I must have left on the floor yesterday and wrap it around my hips. “That depends, mate. If you’re the reason my arse is sore, then this was the last time. Oh, and you might just get the shit kicked out of you.”

He chuckles quietly to himself. “You don’t remember?” He grabs his jeans from the floor in front of him, and slips them on.

“Remember what?” Oh no. Ryan did not go there. I’ll kill him. On instinct, my teeth grind against each other, and I breathe out heavily through my nose as I stalk towards him.

He holds up a hand. “Relax,” he says, as he juts his chin towards the redhead. “Miss Ginger Sex Fiend over there brought toys.”

“Fuck,” I gasp. I’ve seriously gotta lay off the drink.

“Now, get outta here. I’ll take care of Ginger.” Ryan winks, and runs his hands through his mussed up sandy-coloured hair.

Yeah. I need to get to work.

Spark series-2

Spark (Spark #1)

Spike (Spark #2)

Strike (Spark, #3)

About the Author


New Adult and erotic romance writer, and author of the Spark series.

A sexy imagination, a life-long love of books and a sucker for romance, Jennifer Ryder couldn't stifle her creativity any longer.

Writing steamy adult romance has become her new focus. Living on a rural property in New South Wales, Australia, she enjoys the best of city and country.

Her loving husband is ever willing to provide inspiration, and her two young cherubs, and sheep that don't see fences as barriers, keep life more than interesting.

Jennifer placed third in the International Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Award 2013.


love 2

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~Blog Tour & Review: What Doesn't Destroy Us by M.N. Forgy~

Book Title: What Doesn't Destroy Us 
(Devil's Dust Series #1)

Author: M.N. Forgy 

Release Date: June 27th, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

When Dani's sheltered life is turned upside down by her mother's secrets, she finds protection with her estranged outlaw father. Against all warnings, she falls for bad boy biker, Shadow. He is beast and beauty sealed in a leather cut with a gun holster. Can Dani learn to live within the Club rules? Is she more like her father than she could imagine?

Shadow has grown up among drug addicts, whores and murderers. The only family he's ever trusted has been the Devil's Dust motorcycle club. He will do anything for a brother; even kill. In fact, killing is so easy, he's made a career of it. His one regret is not being able to kill his own worthless mother. When Dani shows up with her provocative temper and innocent charm, Shadow begins to question his violent lifestyle. But can he trust her with his demons?

Will Dani and Shadow let family ties destroy them?

Buy Links:

Twin Sisters' Review
Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

"Lust like a saint, trust like a sinner." 

What happens when a sheltered and naive Dani is thrown amongst the tough alpha males of Devil's Dust MC? You get an explosive story of how opposites attract and deceit and lies can rip your life to shreds.  What Doesn't Destroy Us by MN Forgy is not your typical motorcycle romance.  There is a thread of mystery and suspense as the plot thickens and the reader is left questioning the certainty of events.  

Obedient, naive sheltered Dani is the estranged daughter of the President of the Devil's Dust MC.  She believed that her father didn't want a relationship with her due to the lies of her mother.  She grew up in New York under a manipulative mom that determined every step she made.  She had no control over her life.  She didn't know who she was.  She was floating by and never made a ripple in the life’s water.

Sexy alpha, Shadow held the title master of arms and is instantly drawn to the innocence of our heroine.  He is a ladies man and doesn't want a relationship.  His past is to blame for his unstable emotional turmoil.  His mother is the demon that he tries to flee from even now.  He is a jaded soul searching and longing for someone to take away the darkness in his soul.

This is MN Forgy's debut novel and she doesn't disappoint her readers at all.  The plot is unbelievably well written and the characters are established.  The drama depicted comes alive on the pages for hours of entertainment.  We look forward to the next book in this series. ~TSRBR

Hero:  4.5 stars
Heroine:  4.25 stars
Plot:  4.5 stars
Steam Level:  4.5 stars
Cliffhanger:  Yes.

Would I recommend this book:  Yes.  Unbelievable.  Amazing.  Explosive.  These words only begin to describe this fantastic story.  

Would I recommend this author:  Yes.  This author knows how to weave a magical tale.  She truly shows her talent as a writer in this novel.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***




(Devil's Dust Series #2)



The Devil's Dust MC has a list of new threats to the club's lifestyle. Dani, to prove her loyalty, is trying to embrace a part of herself that she never knew existed until now. A sinful beast lurking beneath her surface has been awakened and is ready to eliminate anyone that stands in its way. Looking at her stained hands, she rinses the blood from them. She resigns herself to innocence lost and welcomes her thirst for more blood. 

After a breathtaking turn of events, Shadow is looking at life in a different perspective. Not knowing who he can trust or who he can forgive has left him feeling desolate and alone. As Shadow is laying behind his rifle, he wonders if he can pull the trigger to eliminate the threat. He takes a deep breath and squeezes the trigger, the rifle recoil ignites the fuel that drives him. 

Retaliations will be required. 

Boundaries will be shattered. 

Redemption will be lost. 

Betrayal so deep, yet they still yearn for one another. Can Shadow overlook Dani’s transgressions? Can Dani overlook the mistrust that Shadow has placed upon her? 


This novel contains explicit language, sex, drugs, violence, and sexual situations that some might find offensive. This book is intended for adults 18+ years of age.

Author Bio:

M.N. Forgy was raised in Missouri where she still lives with her family. She's a soccer mom by day and a saucy writer by night. M.N. Forgy started writing at a young age but never took it seriously until years later, as a stay-at-home mom, she opened her laptop and started writing again. As a role model for her children, she felt she couldn't live with the "what if" anymore and finally took a chance on her character's story. So, with her glass of wine in hand and a stray Barbie sharing her seat, she continues to create and please her fans.

What Doesn't Destroy Us (Devils Dust Book One)
The Scars That Define Us ( Devils Dust Book Two) Releasing October 31st

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