Monday, November 23, 2015

Review of Storm (Sex and Bullets #1) by Jo Raven

Raylin is on the run. 
Her father’s associates will stop at nothing to claim the money he owes them—including killing her. A last ditch ticket to Florida, a temporary house to hide in and no future to look forward to. 
That is, until she meets Storm, a tattooed bad boy who is housesitting down the beach and doing repairs for the summer. 
A perfect place, a perfect pair of strong arms, a spot of calm in which to hide for a while—or is it? 
Drop-dead gorgeous, kind, and hot in bed, Storm may not be what he seems. 
Who is the real Storm, and what is he hiding? 
Raylin had better find out before the bullets begin to fly... 

STORM is a full-length standalone New Adult Romantic Suspense novel by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jo Raven 

*Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young readers.*

Author note: This book is a spin-off from RAFE (Inked Brotherhood #5) but it is one hundred percent independent and can be read without having read any of my previous books.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

He is her Knight in tarnished armor and she is his obsession. Billionaire alpha bad boy finds, falls in love with and saves a woman on the run from the Chinese mafia! What’s not to love this book has it all.  Jo Raven is an extraordinary author that continues to titillate her fans with amazing storylines and characters. In Storm, book one in her Sex and Bullets series we are submerged into a world that is filled with darkness, greed and evil, but is also filled with light, hope and true love as she tells Raylin and Storm’s story.

Nowhere is safe, no one can be trusted!  Raylin’s only hope is to keep ahead of the men that are after her.  Tired, hungry and out of options she finds an unoccupied house on the beach in Boca Raton and squats for a few days. Ray was not expecting to find a tattooed bad boy that made her want to stay and stop running.  For the first time in her life she had found a place where she felt safe, and that place is in his arms.  But who is Storm?  Is he the handyman that he seems to be or something more?  She has run out of options, can she trust him?

He is not what he appears to be, there is so many secrets that he is hiding.  Does anyone know the real Storm?  When he sees a girl on the beach, he becomes obsessed with the need to find out who she is and make her his.  Little does he know but this girl will lead him to answers that have haunted him since the death of his parents.  She will become the focal point of his life and he will do anything to protect and keep her safe.  Storm is even willing to go back home and face the life he has been running from to save her!

As the story unfolds and the plot thickens Ms. Raven creates a unique love story/thriller that will mesmerize her readers and keep them wanting more.  Each character created in this remarkable tale contributes a vital part to the flow and resolution of the storyline, while at the same time setting up the next book in the series.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hawk’s book, the second in this series!  

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