Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review of Holiday with Holli: Holiday with Holli: Seasons of Change (Seasons of Change Novella Series Book 3) by S.M. Donaldson

Holli Brown is a 21 year old debutante. The only part of her life that she's ever been confident with were her grades. Being brought into the world by parents who seem to have raised her as prime breeding stock, she's constantly in self-doubt. She's always felt socially awkward, which has made for an extremely lonely and tense life. Once again, she's found herself on her own for the holidays. Zack Caraway is a 22 year old owner of an auto mechanic shop. He's all alone for Christmas as all of his friends are busy and his dad is out of town seeing an old Army buddy. He's surprised when he runs into Holli "Frosty" Brown, who is also home alone for the holidays. Suddenly, his attempts to avoid her seems to keep putting her in his path. Can a few hot moments make it possible for these two to de-frost their old relationship and start a new one?

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Do you remember that high school crush that you thought you were in forever love with?  The one that never gave you the time of day except when he was teasing or picking on you!  That’s the couple that S. M Donaldson perfectly creates in her Holiday with Holli, a Christmas in the City Anthology.  The characters are so familiar that you may recognize them from your own high school years!

Holli is the poor little rich girl that is also that nerdy shy geek at school that just never fits in. Never one to put herself out there, she preferred to stay in the background and to focus on her educational goals.  Life has been hard since her beloved grandmother passed away.  Her parents never seemed to have time for her and with Zack always teasing her, she felt all alone.  Now with one semester left to complete her degree, she decides to go home for the holidays.  Big problem though, her parents forgot again that she was coming home and they had left on a trip.  Holli will once again spend the holidays without family.  Or so she thought until the man she thought was breaking into her home turns out to be none other than Zack  

Zack Caraway was the typical jock all through high school.  The high school stud that everyone loved, especially the girls.  During his school years he found himself drawn to Holli Brown and that pull was manifested in his unmerciful teasing of her.  Now years later, he is in a business partnership with his father and part owner of their business.  When Holli comes home for the holidays, he cannot believe how well she has grown up…in all the right ways. Now Zack’s teasing has turned into him wanting to take care of and protect her. Maybe their high school years were more like foreplay for what was to come!

This is a great read and a great way to support a good cause!  A way to raise funds for the author’s local Children’s Hospital.  

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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