Thursday, June 23, 2016

Release Blitz for: Go Big by Joanna Blake

Release Blitz
Title: Go Big
Author: Joanna Blake
Cover Model: Chase Ketron
Cover Designer: LJ Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations
Release Date: June 21, 2016
GO BIG OR GO HOME. That’s how I live and how I play. With baseball, with women… I’m always the biggest player on the field. I grew up poor. Dirt poor. The oldest of six kids, I learned early that a fist or a smile could get me out of almost any sticky situation. My swing is what got me out of the sticks for good. Now I'm in the spotlight, playing in the big leagues, and the club's owner wants me to be the club's spokesperson. I just need to deal with the bossy woman who runs the show. His daughter. Camille Rivers is the heir to the richest man in America. She's the most stubborn woman I’ve met in my life. With all her wealth and manners, you would think she'd be a little nicer to her daddy's star player. Spoiled and prissy, daddy's little princess is everything I should stay away from. The problem is, I just can't keep my hands off her. I think she's playing hard to get because she likes me. She thinks it's because I'm a horse’s rear end. Either way, she doesn't complain too much when I'm kissing her. She’s used to getting what she wants. Then again, so am I. And I want her. *Go Big is a stand alone romance novel with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating! This edition contains bonus materials with brand new exclusive epilogues for a limited time only!*    
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excerpt I bounced on the balls of my feet, waiting for the next lob. I had the tennis machine set on random so I wouldn't always know when to expect the next ball. Otherwise it was too easy. I didn't like easy. I liked to be challenged. And I liked to win. I swung hard, hitting the ball to just inside the baseline of our private court. I grinned, waiting for the next ball. Then I did it again, with expert precision. I still took lessons from the club's tennis pro now and then, but now it was just to keep my edge. Besides, he said I could give him lessons at this point. "Need some help with that?" I turned sharply at the sound of his voice. Cade Dupree. The damn man had been haunting my dreams all week and now he was here. I glared at him, ready to tell him to go to hell. "Look out!" I jumped out of the way just as the ball came careening towards me. I watched as Cade walked to the other side of the court and turned the machine off, rubbing my neck with a clean towel. He came back over and leaned against the fence, looking supremely relaxed. "Mr. Dupree." "Ms. Rivers." He was staring at me with unconcealed lust. "Damn girl you look good in that short skirt." "It's a tennis dress." He grinned at me stupidly. "I like it." Something about the way he was looking at me annoyed me, but didn't offend me the way that it normally would have. He wasn't looking at me like a piece of meat exactly. It was more like I was a ten course meal and he was a starving man. I did want to smack him though. "May I help you with something? Or do you always sneak around, interrupting hapless women who are trying to play tennis?" He gave me a hurt look. I snorted. I didn't buy it for a second. "Your father invited me to dinner. " I smiled sweetly. "He has a thing for strays." I wiped down my racket and slid it into its case. "But I don't." "I'm real sorry to hear that ma'am." I rolled my eyes, scooping up my bag. "Since you are obviously lost, I will show you the way." "I'm not lost." He wiggled his eyebrows at me. He was so ridiculous I almost laughed, but I didn't want to encourage him. "Darlin' I have been found." Now that did make me laugh. I couldn't help it. I smothered it quickly, forcing myself to give him a dirty look. He just chuckled and followed me to the house. Just when I thought he couldn't get any more annoying he managed to do just that. Cade Dupree was whistling.  
    Joanna Blake loves good old fashioned romance, men who open doors and work with their hands. Hot Blooded Heroes is a series of sizzling stories about True Blue American men and the women who love them. She's thrilled to be collaborating with Pincushion Press on her new series! Come along for the ride! XoX, Joanna
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