Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Release: Fates Divided by Jules Barnard

Available Now

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2dgb9Zm
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2d4wO5N

"Jules Barnard deftly avoids NA cliches, delivering fresh settings, realistic characters and smart writing that will have readers eagerly awaiting her next release." ~ Lauren Layne, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Engaging characters and a fascinating background setting... Barnard is off to a great start with this new adult series." ~ Library Journal

"This one is recommended for anyone who likes a good NA story, but actually I think it would also appeal to people who usually avoid them.Fiona's Book Reviews


Elena's goals are simple: 1) be the first in her family to graduate college 2) become a kick-butt chemist. 

Until she comes into her half-Fae powers from a mother she never knew.

The Fae are willing to harm the last of Elena's loved ones if she doesn't use her power over the elements to cure them of a deadly disease.

Her brooding neighbor, Derek, isn't the friendliest guy, but he has access to an off-hours lab and is willing to help Elena create the antivirus. He has his own secrets to keep, and this business Elena is mixed up in could blow his cover. 
But when Elena and Derek get together, more than chemicals spark fire--and they soon discover just how complicated attraction can get when they find themselves on the other side of the portal, fighting for survival. 
Lives collide, and allegiance and love are tested, in Fates Divided.

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