Friday, March 16, 2018

Paperback Giveaway 30 bestselling authors!!

The heat is on...THIRTY deliciously steamy paperbacks are up for grabs!
CLICK NOW to enter to win paperbacks from these 30 bestselling authors!

Paperbacks included:
Danielle Norman - Enough
Renee Rose - Night of the Zandians
Golden Angel - Tempting the Domme
Vanessa Vale - Spurred 
Tessa Bailey - Getaway Girl
M.E. Montgomery - Yesterday's Tomorrows
Sara Fields - Her Alien Doctors
Leslie McAdam - Lumbersexual
Tess Thompson - Blue Midnight
Willow Winters - She Asked For It
Julia Sykes - Sweet Captivity
Annabel Joseph - Cirque de Minuit
Eva Charles - Sheltered Heart
Alta Hensley - Bastards & Whiskey
Aleatha Romig - RESPECT
Vivian Wood - Dr. Hottie
Celia Aaron - Nate
Gemma James - Torrent
K Webster - My Torin
LJ Shen - Blood to Dust
F.G. Adams - Lukas
V.F. Mason - Sociopath's Obsession 
Sunniva Dee - Walking Heartbreak
Anna Edwards - Surrendered Control
Kat Mizera - Vladimir
J.L. Beck - Be Mine: Smut Collection Box Set 
Kara Kelley - Mountain Man Daddy
N. E. Henderson - Dirty Blue
Sierra Cartwright - Bind
Nana Malone - Lovestruck

*Giveaway CLOSES on March 31st so click now!*