Monday, May 19, 2014

Catching Cameron by Julie Brannagh

Excerpt from Catching Cameron

Zach can’t keep his eyes off of Cameron

Zach picked up his fork again. To hell with him. He took a bite of coleslaw. He tried not to look in Cameron’s direction again. His eyeballs were on an invisible string, and she was pulling on the other end. Damn it. He bent over his plate once more.

He kept telling himself that he could handle having her here for a month. She meant nothing to him. It didn’t matter that she’d ripped his heart out of his chest once upon a time and all but showed it to him while he died. He couldn’t believe he’d been so hung up on her in the first place. They were drunk off their asses, they got married, and it was over three days later. She wasn’t important. It meant nothing that he hadn’t been able to sustain a relationship with any other woman for longer than a few months since they’d broken up, either.

If he was really honest with himself, he’d admit the truth: He compared every woman he met to Cameron. None of them quite measured up. Yes, she was beautiful, but he’d spent three days with a funny, intelligent, and passionate woman, and he wanted more. He was attracted to her zest for life, to the inner fire and determination that matched what drove him, too. If he wasn’t in a crowded cafeteria with his teammates and the coaching staff, he’d bang his head on the table until he forgot what she looked like, even for a moment.

He was still young. He had plenty of time to find someone else and settle down. Getting serious with anyone while he was still playing football was idiotic anyway. Cameron was the last person on his list, so he couldn’t figure out why he was even thinking about her right now.

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