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Hidden Treasure (Billionaire Bachelors - Book 9) by Melody Anne

The second book in the Lost Anderson series is here, and it comes to you with a kicking and screaming heiress. 
Brielle Storm inherits a dilapidated ranch in the wilds of Montana and she isn’t happy about her situation in the least. She may be moving to her new home, and she may be planning on doing whatever it takes to make her billionaire father happy, but she certainly won’t be doing it with a smile on her face. 

No. Brielle plans on coming to Montana, hiring some ranch hand to do all the work, and then getting out of there before the first winter snow has a chance to hit. 

Montana isn’t a state that offers predictable weather and Brielle is going to find out that the land isn’t the only thing she has to fear. 

When her hotter than any city boy ever dreams of being, cowboy neighbor shows up on her doorstep, Brielle decides that maybe Montana isn’t so bad after-all. 

That is until he laughs openly at her city girl ways. Then, she has something to prove… 

Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★

Brielle and her four brothers are summoned by their father for a family meeting.  None of them have the slightest idea what the meeting is about and are stunned when their father tells them that he has canceled all their credit cards, frozen their trust funds and cut them out of his will.  He gives them the choice to listen to him or leave.
“That’s the smartest question you’ve asked so far,” Richard said with a smile before pausing to gaze at each one of his children.  “I’ve purchased five more failing businesses.  You can fight amongst yourselves to choose which one you want to run.  I’ve created a sufficient budget for you to do what needs to be done to bring the companies back into profitability.  If you do this, and do it well, only then will I reinstate you inheritance.  If you fail, you will be on your own.”
Her brothers’ immediate start looking through the folders that tell about the five businesses her father had purchased. Brielle decides that she will make it on her own without any help from anyone.  So starts the first year of her new life with a new job in retail and a new location, Washington D.C.  When the business that she was working for bellies up, Brielle is left with no choice but to go see her father and try to change his mind.  There is only one business left and it is a ranch in Montana.  She tells her father that he is setting her up for failure, that she knows nothing about a ranch.
“You will always be my baby girl.  I love your brothers dearly, but you will always hold more of my heart than anyone else.  And I know you can do this.  I wouldn’t have asked you to do a task I thought you’d fail at.”
Brielle cannot believe what she sees when she arrives at the ranch.  An enormous house that is in a sorry state of disrepair and lots of dust, grime and spiders! 
For the first time since she was thirteen she threw a tantrum of epic proportions.  How in the world could she live here and run this ranch?  She knows nothing about cows and wheat. 
“I hate it here!” she shrieked, feeling like a fool but not caring.  She hadn’t been at the ranch for five minutes and already her world was crumbling.  “Spiders, cobwebs, rocks, dirt, grime, and who knows what else! Lions and tigers and bears…”
When Brielle realizes that she is not alone, she pulls herself together and turns to face the most amazing man…a hot piece of man candy dressed up like a cowboy. Was she fantasizing?  He was huge with a voice that sounded like velvet and had her wondering what was wrong with her. She was not attracted to this man.  What was she supposed to do? Whenever Brielle felt that she was backed in a corner she came out swinging and that’s how she felt with Colt, so she gave it to him.  
When she finally found her voice, she was grateful that it came out with a bite.  “Get your hands off me this instant, or I swear you will never be able to have children!”
Colt had planned on buying the ranch to add it to his own thirty thousand acres, but Richard Storm had scooped up the ranch.  So since she thinks he works for her he decides to do just that and convince her to sell the Ponderosa Pines to him.  This should take too long after all she is a city girl and shouldn’t last a week. He talks with the ranch foreman and gets him to agree to help him.
“Brielle thinks I work for her.”  It took a couple of moments before Tony’s lips turned up.  Then he was laughing outright.  At first, colt was in shock, but he couldn’t help but join in the laughter.  “Well, don’t that just work to your advantage?”  Tony asked when he was done chuckling.
Yeah, Colt feels like everything is going his way.  Soon the land would be his and he already had plans to improve the property.  What could possibly go wrong?  Brielle could go wrong!  The woman wanted to learn about the ranch and she was determined to do so.  When he agrees to take Brielle on a tour of her property the first stop is Sterling to get her some appropriate clothes to ride in.  Only problem is they end up on the floor of Peggy’s store and the sparks fly.
That hoity-toity image she’d assumed and wanted him to think she was all about had to be a smoke screen, because the kiss she’d just given back to him was about as hot as it got.  There were some serious fireworks hidden inside Brielle, and she’d just ignited his curiosity-and that wasn’t all she’d ignited.  The home fires were burning.
Brielle needs to stay for a year and learn as much as possible to bring the ranch back into the black.  Colt wants the land that belongs to Brielle and has decided to do anything that is necessary to get it.  Who will win and what will the winner really get?

Hero –Colt Westbrook: 5 stars
Heroine –Brielle Storm: 5 stars
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 5 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes! This is a fantastic read…love the way the author tells a story and immerses the reader into the lives of her characters.

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! I have read all of this author’s Billionaire Bachelors Series, The Tycoon Series and Surrender Series.  Can’t wait to read more!

***Received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

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