Tuesday, June 10, 2014

~Review: Seeing Red by Holley Trent~

She married him to save face, but will it be at her heart’s expense?

Megan Coffman needs to put her divorce from one of rock and roll’s biggest womanizers behind her—fast. Dubbed “Poor Meg” by the music media, she’s sick of being pitied and thinks the best way to show the public she’s moved on is to flash her brand new engagement ring. But now she needs a man and a wedding to go with it…

Thirty-five year old Russian expatriate Seth “Red” Rozhkov likes the idea of an instant family and agrees to play husband for a year for a virtual stranger. Women just want him for one thing anyway, and it’s not happily-ever-after. A mutual friend swears if Red plays his cards right, he could have Meg for keeps. He’s willing to try.

Meg finds Red an enigma. He’s a gentle giant, solicitous almost to a fault—and the no-strings-attached sex is amazing, but she’s used to being used. What’s Red getting out of the deal? How can she trust a man who hasn’t asked her for anything in return?

Overall Rating:  4.0 Rockin’ ★★★

“His proximity to her was a heady thing she had no words to explain.  It seemed like some sort of slow-igniting chemical reaction that burned hotter and brighter the more its components were exposed to air.”
Seeing Red is the third book in Holley Trent’s Hearts and Minds series.  This book started out somewhat slow for me, but then captured me with the beautiful way the author portrayed the love and compassion that can be found in the most unexpected of circumstances.  

Seth Rozhkov or better known as “Red” to his friends came to America when he was 18 years old to study at a college in North Carolina.  He mastered physics and engineering gaining his PhD.  Easy on the eyes, a giant of a man, Seth has a gentle soul.  Smart beyond belief when it comes to machines and theoretical sciences, but the one thing he has never been able to master...understanding women.  Then, the one woman he has always held a torch for enters into his life again by becoming his wife in a marriage of convenience. He’s willing to help her in any way he can, even if it means he will be alone for the rest of his life.  Because once he has her, he will never be the same.

 Megan Coffman Rozhkov has found herself in a precarious position.  She needed help in the worse way; the kind of help that involved getting married again to someone who she didn’t really know in order to get the public eye or paparazzi off of her and her four year old son.  Being married and recently divorced to a famous rock star that cheated and belittled her constantly, Megan was not looking for love in any form ever again. However, little did she know that she would fall for a burly Irishman who would be the one to change her life forever.  A man fueled by passion and wants nothing more than to show her pleasure, without strings or conniving innuendos.  

This was an amazing story of love, passion and devotion. Holley Trent develops her characters in a way that is so simplistic, yet can only be construed as excellent.  After getting past the first few chapters, I was drawn into the book’s plot.  It will take you to a place of contempt, just to bring you back to a precise moment of bliss.   If you want a heartwarming read that will fill you with dreamy euphoria…this is the book for you to read!  Well done, Holly!  Grēta

Hero -  Sergei/Seth “Red” Rozhkov 4.0 stars
Heroine - Megan Coffman Rozhkov 3.5 stars
Steam Level: 4.0 stars 
Plot: 3.5 stars 
Cliffhanger: No
Would I recommend this book: Yes!
Would I read other books by this author: Yes!

***Received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

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