Saturday, September 5, 2015

Review of A Warrior Wedding (The Protectors, #7) by Teresa Gabelman @TGabelman

After a devastating blow, the VC Warriors find themselves fighting, but not an enemy they can see. Their power and expertise alone cannot save the ones they love. 

Breaking new and old laws, one Warrior is determined to save his mate no matter the consequences, but will his mate agree to be his downfall. 

No Warrior or main character was seriously injured during the writing of this book. ;)

Overall Rating: 5 Rockin’ ★★★★

Vampires are long-lived beings, or are they?  In this phenomenal romance, A Warrior Wedding by the incredibly talented, Teresa Gabelman this question is asked! This is a multi-layered book with entwined stories not only about the Vampire Warriors and their mates but also the fate of half-breeds and other species! From the first page of this book the reader finds themselves drawn into a world where answers are not always easy and the consequences are sometime life ending! Open this book and you will be hooked on this series!

Slade and Jill are three weeks away from their wedding when disaster strikes in an unexpected way! They have fought the fight and at last a future together is within their grasp until Jill shows signs of illness.  Vampires and half-breeds cannot get sick, can they?  Will Slade find out what is wrong in time or will he loose the other half of his soul?

Caroline has tried to stay away from Jax, just like he asked her too!  The only problem is that Jax cannot stay away from her either.  They are both drawn into the search for answers about what is happening to their friends.  Will they be able to find the answers needed in time?  Can they continue to deny the bond between them? Caroline and Jax will do everything they can to help, but will it be enough?

Ms. Gabelman once again creates situations that seem impossible for her characters to overcome, but the love and commitment that each of her couples share will not be broken! If you want to read a truly unbelievable story of love, honor and eventually a happily ever after (for now), then you will not want to miss reading this fantastic story.

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