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Spotlight Interview with Author Jordan Marie of the Savage Brothers MC Series @Author_JordanM

Interview with Author Jordan Marie
We are absolutely thrilled to have the fabulous author of the Savage Brothers MC series here with us today. Jordan is a small town Kentucky girl whose life revolves around her husband and daughter. She's an avid reader who has always had the dream of letting others hear what the voices inside of her head had to say. She hopes you find them as entertaining as she does.   Please welcome Jordan Marie  
Have you ever been a part of a MC? Ridden on a motorcycle?   I dated a guy who was.   he wanted to move he had a really good opportunity and my mom was just diagnosed with a muscle disease, and I didn’t want to take my daughter away from her family here.. So we said goodbye. I miss him though.   And yes I have. Love it.  

Do have personal experience or know someone that has lived the MC life?  See above!  lol

If so, did this experience inspire you to write this series or something else? Honestly some of it came from his life, but it’s mostly a product of my mind.  I’ve always been attracted to Bad Boy Alphas and the idea of a man who protects what’s his and to hell with what society demands.

What do you do to prepare when you are starting a new book? Do you research, visit or read about the locations in your books? I honestly let the words go.  I usually get 2 chapters in before the book gets clear.  Then I try and work the blurb.  The blurb is my outline. Research I do as I get to that part. Oh some of the searches and books I’ve had to dig into lol 

When you get down to your writing, do you have a special place to write, or a ritual you do before starting to write? Not really… Though I find I write better early in the morning before the house is moving. 

Where do you find your inspiration for each character you write about? Are they based on someone you know? Have read about? Do you fit names and descriptions to your character’s personalities? Some characters I put in books are from people I have met through book writing. I find I can’t be that person I cant base a heroine like Nicole on someone I know really well. I get to the part where I have to write sex scenes and skeezes me out!   Rofl.   So they’re just the voices in my head I give free reign to. I let them go where they want, because if I don’t they stop talking

What was the deciding factor that made you decide to become a writer? I’ve written my whole life. I just let my family talk me into stopping. Sabrina Paige gave me the encouragement to try it again. I owe her the world.  

Would you like to be part of an MC?  Do you see yourself as an Old Lady?   Lol these days my life is so hectic it probably wouldn’t work but I have the upmost respect for them. I married a cowboy my life went in other directions, but I do miss parts of it. The older I get the more I miss it.

Have you ever had to deal with an abusive situation with family or a friend? Yes.  Several different types.  It changes who you are. It defines the way you react to obstacles and life

Your descriptions are so realistic and graphic at times that your reader feels apart of the situation.  Where did this come from? Some of it is life experiences. Both personally and professionally. I worked as a paralegal in a county attorney office and I did all the work in divorce cases too.  Things I saw… broke my heart.   I guess it’s everything combined.  

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Excerpt from Claiming Crusher:

“You didn’t answer me earlier. Do you think I’m stupid?”

As he asks the question, at least two of his fingers are moving slowly in and out of me and his other hand is spreading my pussy open for him. The cool breeze of the ceiling fan hits my sensitive skin and combines with his hot breath and the chill spreads through my system and I moan from the excitement building inside. Zander pulls me in and weaves a spell around me. He makes me someone I don’t even recognize, but someone I want to keep being…His. He flattens his tongue out against my pussy and licks me, just once. He finishes by flicking his tongue on my clit and thrusting his fingers hard inside of me.

“So good, Zander. God, you’re so good.” In response he sucks my throbbing clit into his mouth and traps it between his teeth and then bites. I jump at the unexpected pain. I start to complain, but he soothes it with his tongue. He stops his fingers though, and I moan at the loss.

“You didn’t answer, Hellcat. Do you think I’m stupid?” I look at him confused. I feel like if he doesn’t continue soon I’m going to combust. “No…”

“Who did I claim, Dani?”


 “Good girl,” he says getting up.

I want to beg him not to stop, but I’m so drugged with desire and confusion, I can do nothing but watch him. He sits down at the table, pulling his chair back. He looks at me expectantly.

“What…?” I ask, because he keeps looking at me like I should be doing something.

“Get up on the table and give me breakfast woman,” he orders.

“Me…On the table?”

“I’m going to spread you out on this table. I’m going to eat your sweet little pussy until you fuck my face so hard you come all over it. I’m not going to stop until you admit that you’re mine and realize that I don’t want any other woman, but you.”

Book Recommendation and
Review of Claiming Crusher
I see her. I see her clearer than anyone ever has—even her best friend.

There are secrets in those beautiful, brown eyes. Secrets that have broken her.
She reminds me of someone else. Someone I loved. Someone I was unable to save.
I won’t fail with her.
I want to claim her as my own and take away the ghosts that leave her haunted.
Little girl lost…
The woman I once was is gone. All that remained of her, were broken pieces lying ravaged and scattered by a storm.
I tried to piece her back together, to sift through the wreckage and re-create her.
It was impossible. She was too damaged. She died.
From her ashes I arose.
Untouchable, unfeeling, unworthy--the new me is not quite, right.
I don’t even like me. Why would he?
One man destroyed me. Why would I ever claim another?
Two damaged souls—
One trying to re-live the past, one trying to forget it.
Can they heal each other?


Overall Rating: 5 Rockin’ ★★★★
Jordan Marie has done it again! Claiming Crusher is a phenomenal five star read! The buildup is steady and the ending will blow your socks off.  Sit back with a nice glass of wine, box of tissues and enter the world of the Savage Brothers MC.  There are multiple storylines running parallel throughout and the growth of each character attests to the brilliance of this author. In Loving Nicole we were left hanging, full of questions about Dani and Crusher’s relationship.  Many disliked Nicole’s haughty best friend, especially after the shooting incident. Her character was portrayed as a party girl, stripper looking for her next fix, but as we read we learn that there is so much more to this intricately complex character.  Her background was a mystery, and little did we know of the absolute horror that the young Melinda suffered at the hands of her abusive husband.  Questions are answered about why she is running, who she is, and what she wantsaa from her new life.  Attraction and desire between the hero and heroine and their battle between good and evil dominants this book. You will not want to miss the happily ever after ending, Crusher and Dani are given.
Crusher is the VP of the Savage Brothers MC, and a playboy. He carries a burden from his younger years of a love tragically lost.  When he first meets the red lipped, feisty beauty, he is drawn to her lost soul.  Time and time again, he tries to break through the barriers she has erected, only to be turned away.  He hurts deeply for her and loves even deeper.  You will laugh, cry and hurt alongside him as he forges the impossible by claiming a woman that has no desire to ever be claimed again.

Melinda aka Dani aka Hellcat is a strong courageous woman that fought for freedom from the dark oppression and gloom of a marriage arranged by her father to a monster named Michael.  In the previous books, I had strong feelings of dislike towards Dani because of the drama her actions caused to unfold between Dragon and Nicole.  You will not feel this way any longer. Jordan Marie humanizes Dani to a point you literally will feel like you are crawling inside the character’s mind and soul.
This book delves into domestic violence at an extreme level.  The horrific punishments dealt out by Michael and his henchman Donald, are graphic and yet the story being told about Dani would be incomplete without them.  The ending is comical, therapeutic and gory all at the same time.  I look forward to the next book in this series.  Each one continues to shine a light on the club, but also on the women that are opening up the readers understanding and perception of the Savage Brothers MC.

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