Monday, November 9, 2015

Review of Alaric's Perfect Mate (Saber Chronicles #1) by R.E. Butler

When Aubrey Night receives an invitation to a new were-fighting sports arena, her brother sends her along with a few guards to see what the fights are all about. In spite of the glitz and glamour surrounding the event, she doesn’t expect to find her truemate among the fighters.

Saber-toothed tiger shifter Alaric Carmichael has been having mating dreams for the last year. After sharing his mating dream details with the owner of an underground shifter fighting group, he swore an oath that he and his saber pride would fight for the owner until they’ve all found their mates. As he fights every night, he begins to think it’s a lost cause, until one night when he scents his mate in the crowd.

Now, Alaric has a new purpose in life: making his mate deliriously happy. It’s a good thing she likes the way he purrs. 

Contains m/f interaction, a rare shifter, and the human who makes him purr.

Overall Rating: 4 Rockin’ ★★★★

Sabers are a dying breed.  All sabers are extinct, all but one family.  The saber-toothed tiger is the last and there are only four of them left. In Alaric’s Perfect Mate we are introduced into the world of last saber-toothed tiger shifters.  Author R. E. Butler weaves an unforgettable tale around the search of one of these tigers for his true mate.  

In the shifter world a mate is recognized immediately with just one sniff.  Alaric is preparing with his family for his fight when he gets a whiff of the one he has been searching for, his true mate. He has been dreaming of her and the closer they get to each other the more intense the dreams become for him. What he had not expected was the human female that is his!  Will she be able to accept him and his shifter world? 

Representing her brother the Vampire Lord at a were-fight, Aubrey did not know what to think when she heard an earth shattering ROAR!  The roar she heard at once pulled her to find the source of it and latch onto it.  When she is introduced to Alaric, she knows he belongs to her and her to him. It does not matter that she is the pampered princess of the paranormal world that her brother oversees.  Even as a human she recognizes who Alaric is.

This author’s unique perspective of the paranormal world will engage the reader until the end.  The characters support the storyline and contribute to the flow beautifully.  If you are looking for an unusual paranormal romance with a happily ever after, look no more this book is it!  I cannot wait to read the next in the series.

Hero: 4 stars
Heroine: 4 stars
Steam: 4 stars 
Plot: 4 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

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