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Release Blitz: Second Sight by Kara Sevda @authorkarasevda

Release Blitz
Title: Second Sight
Author: Kara Sevda
Genre: Horror
Release Date: February 3, 2016
"They say I’m crazy. They might be right. But that doesn’t mean the evil isn’t real. I know it is. I know because it’s already inside me. And it’s growing..."
At an exclusive prep school abroad, Lizzy struggles to stay afloat. Not only is she failing history class, but both she and her roommate are the subject of vicious bullying from their classmates. It’s almost a relief when the semester ends and she heads off to meet her family for a summer in Tuscany.
"I’m just an ordinary girl. I hate my stepmother, homework, the mean girls at school. I’ve seen some dark things in my life, but nothing has prepared me for this."
There is only one problem. Lizzy, who has a history of psychiatric troubles, is having nightmares. Pretty soon the terror within begins to visit her in the real world.
"I died over two hundred years ago. But I won’t stay gone forever. Now the time has come and I will live again. Inside you…"
As the people closest to her fall victim to the vengeful spirit, Lizzy struggles to make her family around her believe that this time, it’s not all in her head. But in the end, that might be exactly where the spirit wants to be.
Check out the trailer!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G48rbeRg4HE]

Also from Kara Sevda
"I thought I was an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. I was wrong."
When her mother drags sixteen-year-old Clara out to the Amagansett summerhouse she recently inherited, Clara is plunged into a secret world of romance and danger in which Selkies—mythical mer creatures of unsurpassable beauty—rule the sea. Thus begins an adventure beyond her wildest imaginings, which will force her to choose between the safety of home and a magical love that cannot be denied.
Bored and missing her friends, Clara stumbles upon a hidden realm where surfers, even the handsome Jack, are not who, or what, they seem. Clara is initially frightened when the band of surfers’ true nature is revealed, but quickly falls under the spell of their enchanting underwater existence. Now that the deep blue sea is in danger thanks to the uncaring forces of industry, Clara will have to decide if she is willing to risk all to join them in their battle to save the earth’s waters from pollution.
Watch the trailer!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDOXfTm531M]  
Kara Sevda is the author of the Dune Walkers Trilogy, a mystical romantic adventure for young adults. She is currently collaborating with Pincushion Press on the remaining two books of the Dune Walkers, as well as an exciting new series for more mature audiences.
Join me on Goodreads, or contact me through my lovely publishers at Pincushion Press.
I'm also on twitter @authorkarasevda and the Dune Walkers can be found on Amazon and on Tumblr: http://dunewalkers.tumblr.com/

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