Saturday, March 22, 2014

Playing To Win by Shelley Munro

Blush: This is a suggestive romance (love scenes are not graphic) Professional rugby player Lane Gerrard is used to women throwing themselves at him, but a scurrilous tabloid article naming him as father of a child sends his temper soaring. The woman he confronts doesn't fit the blackmailer profile. Kate Alexander is attractive with an enchanting innocence, enticing. A total stranger. Her feistiness draws his unwilling admiration, but the child…he is the image of Lane.Kate can't deny her son's similarity to the sexy man at her door but no way will she hand him over without a fight. Kate doesn't possess money but she can shower her son with love. With public speculation rife, Kate reluctantly works with Lane to discover the truth. They grow closer as distrust slowly turns to mutual fascination, but the tabloid articles bring out a stalker. Mild pranks escalate into danger, and suddenly Lane realizes Kate is a woman he could love. With Kate and her son, he could have a family. Now, with his heart on the line, this is one game he's playing to win.

Overall Rating:  3 Rockin' Stars!!!

The summary for this book had me set my expectations high.  I thought with a super-hot professional rugby player, Lane Gerrard and an attractive sweet innocent heroine, Kate Alexander there would be many scores! But, I was left unsatisfied in the end.   The story involved a gigantic secret being revealed, and the couple discovering how to deal with the penalties of the match.  

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