Friday, March 21, 2014

Seducing Mr. Right (Unlikely Love #1) by Rebecca Rose

Only love can heal his wounds . . .

Gunnery Sergeant Jake Sanders made it through the war in Afghanistan, but he's struggling to survive the peace at home. Still scarred by his experiences overseas, Jake now spends most of time working out and tending to his brother's bar and grill. He's not looking for a girlfriend and avoids intimate relationships . . . until he meets the bar's gorgeous new manager.

Ex-ballerina Sophie Agnés couldn't take her eyes off Jake the moment she saw him—he was, after all, sleeping half-naked in her new office when she arrived on her first day of work. The chemistry between them is immediate, and soon it's not clear who is seducing whom. But Sophie fears that something is keeping Jake from opening his heart to her. And a man with dark secrets may not be the right man for her after all.

***Received this book, via Net Galley by Publisher for an honest review***

Overall Rating:  3.5 Rockin' Stars!!!

This book was a sweet romantic story that made you feel mushy and happy inside.  The characters are well developed and the plot allows you to enjoy the flow of the story.  

"The first step and the hardest step are often one and the same."

Sophia Angés is "dynamite in a pretty little inconspicuous package" and is hired as the manager at the Hungry Lion Bar-n-Grill owned by Jake and Dave.  Turning over a new leaf, she leaves her restricted life as a socialite and allows herself to express her emotions after a nasty falling out with her cheating ex-fiance.  

Jake Sanders is a wounded war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Jake has "charisma and honesty" and a gorgeous body that Sophie is immediately drawn to along with the strong mental connection they share.

The author delivers a beautiful story of a broken soldier searching for life after his service.  The ending is a happily ever after and there is no cliffhanger.  The couple works through the barrier of Jake's PTSD to find love and acceptance with each other. 

"I'm yours to touch, taste, and love.  I'm yours."

Hero - Jake Sanders:  3.5 stars
Heroine - Sophia Angés: 3.5 stars
Plot:  3.5 stars
Steam level:  3.5 stars

Would you recommend this book:  Yes. 
Would you recommend this author:  Yes.

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