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Review: Damned Sinner by Jami Denise (The Jayne Series), Book Three

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Vince Donovan has lost a lot in his life. He has lived life under a code of greed, lies and crime - never allowing anyone to get too close. After losing the empire he fought to build at the hands of a psychotic man in pursuit of revenge, Vince vows to rebuild what he once had. Along with his once protege and now partner, Jayne King, he sets out to create an empire that is based on beautiful women, sex and sin.

Kelsey Franklin is young, beautiful, sexy and should be forbidden. Kelsey is also the one woman that Vince has vowed never to have and yet is the one woman he wants and needs.

When love happens in the unlikeliest of circumstances Vince must ask himself - Is love fit for the damned and the sinner?

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆
When your entire life is destroyed by evil what do you do? You rebuild your empire and don’t look back.  In this book Damned Sinner, by Jami Denise you will meet a man that has vowed to rebuild his life.  Do whatever he needs to do to achieve that goal, even if that is to deny himself his one chance for happiness.

Vince Donovan has always lived by the ME motto!  Whatever it takes to achieve what he wants is what he will do!  He will lie, cheat and even delve into crime to achieve the power that he craves. When his empire is destroyed by a man that is set on revenge, Vince swears he will regain what he has lost.  Vince has always kept others at a distance because caring for someone makes you weak!  It gives others a way to control you or destroy you.  He has always walked alone until he meets the one woman that he needs to protect and keep safe.  Vince needs to keep her safe from him; he does not deserve someone like Kelsey.

Kelsey Franklin looks at Vince as her knight in shining armor!  He is bigger than life and she wants to be part of that life. She cannot understand why he keeps pushing her away.  Why he continues to look at her like she is a child?  Kelsey is a woman, young yes, but sexy and aware of her attraction to Vince.  Will she be able to sway him to the dark side with her as his leading lady?

Love is not planned, or expected!  It happens when least expected and cannot be denied.  Vince and Kelsey have found that special connection that will not be denied. Vince must find out that he is worthy and love is his if he will take the chance.  Kelsey will need to show him that he is the one that she needs.

Hero: Vince Donovan 4.5 stars
Heroine: Kelsey Franklin 4.5 stars
Plot:  4.5 stars
Steam Level: 4.5 stars
Cliffhanger:  No

Would I recommend this book:  Yes. If you love a sexy, brooding alpha male that is denying his need for his woman, then you need to read this smoking hot book! It is filled with sexy scenes, mystery and an unexpected hero.

Would I recommend this author:  Yes. Love this series of books by this outstanding author. I cannot to read more of her remarkable books.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

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