Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ebook Giveaway: Viking Mine by Joanna Davis

Ebook Giveaway: Viking Mine by Joanna Davis

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She thinks she can resist me. She's wrong. I'll possess her, body and soul. 

Eirik leads the band of the fiercest warriors in the north. They are known and feared on either side of the wide sea. But he has a thorn in his side- a rag tag bunch of Vikings who keep encroaching on his land. 
Sigrid is a fierce Viking Warrior in her own right, determined to steal back the land that was stolen from her father many years before. Her people are in dire straights and it is her responsibility to return their settlement to it's former glory. 

When Eirik's men capture the Warriors, he is shocked to find that their leader is a woman- not just any woman- one whose beauty would rival that of the Goddess Freya. He determines to show her her place- in his bed- but she publicly challenges him before he can make his decree. If she wins, he will return her people's lands to them. If he wins, she will serve him in whatever manner he chooses. 

"Prepare yourself, woman. By nightfall, you will be mine."

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