Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Recommendation & Review of Dagger's Hope (The Alliance #3) by S.E. Smith

Dagger is a Trivator warrior. He is known for his dark and dangerous edge, making him the perfect warrior for impossible missions. He fears nothing, until he meets a young, delicate human female who wakens his heart. Her gentle touch, soft voice, and her shy sense of humor touch him in a way he never thought could happen. The thought of anything harming something so beautiful and fragile fills him with terror.

Jordan Sampson is slowly adjusting to her new life on a strange planet far away from war-torn Earth. She had been seventeen when she was brought to the Trivator’s home world of Rathon along with her older sister, Jesse, and younger sister, Taylor. Fear, confusion, and uncertainty of what the future holds threaten to drown her as she tries to fit in. There is only one hope that keeps her going. It is the handsome alien male that stirs something deep inside her and makes her feel whole.

When Dagger is captured during a mission and sold to the illegal Fight Rings, it is only the memory of Jordan that keeps him going. Time blurs as he slowly sinks deeper and deeper into a world of violence and pain until he becomes more animal than Trivator.

Jordan knows Dagger is out there, somewhere. She can feel him in her heart. The heart she gave to him the first time he held her protectively in his arms. When she discovers where he is being held, she refuses to let anything stop her from rescuing him. What Jordan doesn’t realize is that she has been Dagger’s hope during his captivity. The one thing that holds the thin thread to his sanity.

The fight to save Dagger takes Jordan on a journey that she hopes they both survive. The star system is a dangerous place for a young human female and a damaged Trivator warrior. Can Jordan reach Dagger in time, and if she does, can she heal his shattered soul?

Overall Rating:  4 Rockin’ ★★★★
Dagger's Hope by SE Smith is the long awaited third book in the Alliance series. This is Dagger and Jordan's quest to find a life together.  It is about the life that was stolen from them by those that would imprison and use others for their own gain.  This is about Dagger and the two long years of captivity he had endured, fighting each day just to stay alive and his Amate, Jordan that had relentlessly spent those years searching for him.  He had promised to return to her and she would not give up until he was back in her arms where he belonged. 

Dagger is a strong, feared Trivator warrior who was ambushed while on a mission by a notorious and ruthless mercenary.  This mercenary uses him to add to his wealth by placing Dagger in cage fights that lead to death for those that do not win.  He believes that Dagger is his property, he belongs to him and the only escape for Dagger is death in the cage.  The only thing that keeps him going is the memory of Jordan and the promise he made to return to her.

Jordan is a middle sister that we first met when Hunter, Saber and Dagger found the sister’s hiding place on Earth.  Even wounded and sick, she tried to protect her younger sister, Taylor. She has a backbone made of steel and is highly intelligent.  She refuses to believe that he is dead and uses her knowledge of computers to find Dagger.  Jordan is determined to bring Dagger home where he belongs and nothing or no one will stop her from finding her Amate.

This book has intense moments and is filled with twists that reacquaint us with "old" characters from previous series that are reintroduced to us in this "new" series.  I found myself intrigued, wondering where the author was going and once again couldn't stop reading until I had finished.  Ms. Smith gifts us with a beautiful, heart-stopping out of this world story that not only entertains the reader but also opens up endless possibilities.  I look forward to the next book in the Alliance series and where the author’s imagination will lead us.

Hero – 4 stars
Heroine –   4 stars
Steam: 4 stars 
Plot: 4 stars 
Cliffhanger: No

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