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Cover & Title Reveal: Grind by Joanna Blake @JBromancenovels


Cover and Title Reveal Title: GRIND 
Author: Joanna Blake 
Genre: Romance 
Cover model: Drew Ater : https://www.facebook.com/TheDrewAter?fref=ts Furious Fotog https://www.facebook.com/FuriousFotog?fref=ts 
Cover Design: Margreet Rebel Edit & Design : https://www.facebook.com/rebeleditdesign Release: August 2015

  GRIND Ecover   synopsis2
EYE CANDY. MANWHORE. HARDBODY. STUD. I'm just a piece of meat to the women I entertain. And I love it. That's until she walks into the club. Suddenly, I want more. I want her.
My name is Chandler but hardly anyone knows it. I go by Candy, and when I dance, I go all the way. Women scream my name and throw their panties at me. I take home any woman I want. Sometimes, I take two.

Carolina is the stuck up neighbor who drove me nuts with her prissy ways and her hot little body. Sure, it was high school the last time I saw her. But our families have been going to the same church for generations. And I always had my eye on her. She was the most beautiful girl in town, sure, but it was more than that. She was also the smartest. She knew it too.

We had one night. One kiss. I fell hard, and she moved away. Even back then, she knew I wasn't good enough for her. Now she's here, in my club for her bachelorette party. Her friends push her up on stage. And I decide the bride-to-be deserves a very, very private dance.

I'm not letting her get away twice. Especially when I find out the bastard she's planning to marry. Little Miss Perfect has no idea what's about to hit her. Or how far I will go to get what's mine.... Her.
GRIND is a stand-alone novel with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating!

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26017553-grind   teasers2 grindteaser1   grindteaser2 excerpt Something wet slid against my ear. I brushed it away, still half asleep. I felt it again and twisted to the side, grimacing at the slimy sensation. Now I was awake and I didn't want to be. Fucking hell. I opened my eyes to see a woman bending over me. Her long blond hair brushed my face and I turned my head away. "Cut it out." She sat up, glaring at me. "You didn't seem to mind last night." Normally, I would have soothed her. Called her by name. Trouble is, I had no fucking clue who the hell she was. I looked around. I had no idea where I was either. "Fuck me." She grinned at me, tossing her long bleached hair over her shoulder. "I already did." Belatedly I noticed that she was wearing some serious lingerie. Black and cream lace. It matched her bedroom. Her very expensive looking bedroom. I was swimming in a sea of neutral toned sheets and blankets. Silk probably. Expensive, definitely. "I'd like to again." I shook my head. "Sorry babe, I gotta go." She pouted. I rolled out of bed, looking for my clothes. "Oh come on... Didn't we have fun together last night?" I smiled and nodded. It's not that she was bad looking, even if she was at least a decade older than me. It was hard to tell with these rich older broads. She was toned, buffed and polished to a high shine. Well preserved didn't even begin to cover it. Yeah, she was hot. Not just for a cougar either. But I wasn't in the mood. I didn't usually go for seconds anyway. Hell. I never did. Hit it and quit it was my motto. It served me well. I didn't want any entanglements and I doubted I ever would. I looked at her, giving my best impersonation of someone who gave a shit. "Where are my clothes?" She smiled back and shrugged. "I really couldn't say." Fucking hell. "That's great. Just great." I looked around the room, lifting cushions and opening drawers. Nada. On the bedside table were my keys, wallet and phone. I scooped them up, thanking God for small favors. "Have a nice day, Ma'am." "Wait- you aren't leaving like that!" I coyly waved bye bye to her and left. I jogged through her palatial house in the buff. The marble floors were cool under my feet. It was tastefully done, just like the lady herself. She was chasing me through the house, becoming less composed by the second. "Seriously, you can't! What will the neighbors think?" I stopped at the front door of her mansion, glancing back over my shoulder. "You should have thought of that before you hid my shit." She screamed in frustration and threw a vase at me. I heard it shatter against the door as I closed it behind me. Just in the nick of time. "Damn. That would have left a mark." I made a call as I strolled down her manicured driveway to the gate. "Joss, can you pick me up? I need a ride." I leaned against the wrought iron gate and waved at a neighbor who was walking their dog. "Take your time."   GRIND authorbio2 Joanna Blake loves good old fashioned romance, men who open doors and work with their hands. Hot Blooded Heroes is a series of sizzling stories about True Blue American men and the women who love them. She's thrilled to be collaborating with Pincushion Press on her new series! Come along for the ride! XoX, Joanna

https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8280814.Joanna_Blake https://twitter.com/JBromancenovels

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