Thursday, October 29, 2015

Book Spotlight: Exposed (All Eyes On Us Book 1) by Jennifer Domenico

Him. He walked in and turned my perfect life upside down. He’s made it clear he wants me, but I fight him off. I have to. He’s the worst possible romantic option for me. My mind knows I need to stay away, but my body didn’t get the message. Every time he’s close, I feel myself giving in just a little bit more. But every move Antonio makes is tracked by the insatiable media. Between them and his jealous costar, it’s too much to risk. At any moment, I could be exposed.

My only choice would be to run. Again.

Her. Those eyes. That body. Her lips. I thought I would spend six weeks in this small town, film my movie, and get out. I didn’t anticipate the impact she would have. Her eyes beg me to hold her, but her words fight me with every breath. I don’t know what caused those walls around her heart, but I intend to knock them down. I won’t be satisfied until I do. What Giovanna needs to know is I get any woman I want.

And I want her.

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I pause and take in her beauty. When I was here earlier, her hair was up, but now it hangs long and silky down her back. She’s clothed completely in black, which looks great against her olive skin. Her body looks toned yet soft. She’s just the right balance of fit and curvy. I’d love to see her with her clothes off. 
“Have dinner with me.”
“Wait, what?” 
I take a step closer. “Dinner with me.”
She pulls her head back and scoffs. “No.”
I raise my eyebrows. Is she serious? “No?”
“You heard me.”
“Why not?”
“I have plans already.”
I grin. “Then tomorrow night.”
Giovanna crosses her arms. “I’m busy then, too.”
“Why do I think no matter what date I choose, you’ll be busy?”
“Ah, you’re not just a pretty face.”
I lean close and run my index finger under her chin. “At least you think I’m pretty.” I grin as I watch her lips twitch, fighting off the smile I know she wants to give me. She takes a step back, regaining her demeanor.
“I have work to do. You should go.”
“I will go, Giovanna.” I walk towards the door. “Here’s the thing though. I’ll be back. Every day. I’ll wear you down, until you say yes, and when you do, it’ll be the best night of your life.” I grin, watching her think of a response. “Enjoy your freedom now.”
“You arrogant ass. I’m not some dumb Hollywood starlet dying for your attention. I have more self-respect than that.” 
I walk towards her again and notice as she flinches. She’s not as tough as she seems. “I know you’re not dumb. That’s why I find you exciting. That’s why I’m turned on. The sooner you give in, the easier it will be for both us.” I reach out and touch her hair, surprised when she doesn’t move. “But it’s okay if you want to resist. I enjoy the challenge.”
“See you tomorrow, gorgeous.”
I walk out smiling to myself. That girl just became my number one goal in life.

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