Sunday, October 25, 2015

Review of The Breed Casstiel's Vow by Alice K. Wayne

After the brutal kidnapping of her brother, Tessa Roberts, a human born with the ability to read other human minds, plunges herself into the dark and mysterious world of the Breed, hell bent on finding him. What she encounters however, is far more than she bargained for. Vampires and werewolves are one race known as the Breed, and are locked in a centuries old war against vicious human Hunters. With the help of Casstiel, the fierce leader of the Breed's defense team who carries a fiery passion for her, can she find her brother before the war erupts on their doorstep? Or will lies and betrayals end the new life she's forged for herself, along with the lives of everyone she loves? 

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Stumbling across a new author is one of my favorite things and when the author writes paranormal romance it’s really exciting to explore that genre through a new perspective.  In The Breed: Casstiel's Vow, Alice K. Wayne skillfully ignites the reader's imagination with a new outlook on vampires and werewolves co-existing with humans without their knowledge.  Casstiel and Tessa find their connection amid kidnapping, a long existing war between hunters and the Breed and an uncertain future.  This is their journey to happiness and an everlasting bond.

When Tessa's brother Quinn is kidnapped by a pack of werewolves, family life as she knows it changes and becomes a search and rescue existence.  Using her gift to read minds she finds the Breeds and her family is bought under the protection of Sebastian, a vampire that has opened his home as a sanctuary for families that are affected by the war.  Two years later Quinn is spotted and her parents load up and head to California.  While they are away another citing of Quinn happens in New York and Tessa and her friend Nora make the journey from Boston to meet with the Breed defense team searching for her brother. Nora is a complex scared werewolf with a feisty spirit battling the past.

For the last 33 years Casstiel has been the leader of the defense team ran out of the New York City Embassy.  His team consists of Ghost, Sebastian had contacted him awhile back about Quinn's kidnapping.  Cass has been dreaming of his perfect mate.  When his dream becomes reality he will stop at nothing to secure their bond even if she is a human.  Tessa's gift always caused her to hideaway from people and entering the world of the Breeds she finally learns to accept and not hate it.

The characters in this story are complex and comprehensive. The story is fast paced and well written.  I was completely engrossed throughout the entire story and highly recommend this for someone looking for a new twist on paranormal romance.  Talented, gripping, and completely entertaining this book will keep you involved in this adventure.  The steamy romance happening between our couple is smoldering and comes alive on the pages.  I was so excited about the ending of this book I had to purchase book two immediately to begin reading about Nora and Quinn's budding romance.  Highly recommend you add this book to your library. 

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