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Congrats & Happy Release to @AuthorTLouise One Immortal is Live!

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Check out this Halloween Treat from Tia Louise!  

A STANDALONE PARANORMAL ROMANCE, based on ONE TO HOLD, Book #1 in the One to Hold series.


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Melissa is a vampire; Derek is a vampire hunter.
When beautiful, sad Melissa Jones flees to New Orleans with her telepathic best friend, she is looking for a cure—not an erotic encounter with a sexy former Marine.

Derek Alexander left the military intending to become a private investigator, but with two powerful shifters as partners and an immunity to vampire glamour, he instead rose to the top in paranormal justice.

At a bar on Bourbon Street, Derek and Melissa cross paths, and their sexual chemistry is off the charts. Acting on their feelings, they are pulled deeper into an affair, but Melissa is hiding, hoping to escape her cruel maker.

It doesn't take long before the shifters uncover her secret. Still, Derek is determined to confront the Old One and reclaim her mortality—even at the risk of losing his.

A STANDALONE PARANORMAL ROMANCE with an HEA based on characters from the One to Hold series. Contains voluptuous vampires, alluring alpha military heroes, scorching-hot shifters, beguiling witches, and panty-melting sexy times. Keep the fans nearby... Readers 18 and older only, please.

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Overall Rating:  5 Rockin’ ★★★★

Emotional turmoil and exquisite sexual encounters highlight this amazing book by author extraordinaire Tia Louise in her One to Hold series.  One Immortal, book one is the story of a vampire hunter and his encounter with a woman that was turned against her will and is fighting the transition to vampire. In Derek and Melissa’s story you will feel all the turbulence of a hurricane while they struggle to find answers and save each other in the paranormal world of New Orleans.
Derek is a mortal that has sworn to destroy vampires! He teams up with two brothers that are shifters and together they have bonded in their quest to destroy the evil in this world that is known as vampire. Although, Derek is a mortal he has one advantage.  He is immune to their glamour and cannot be swayed by it.  That is until he meets and falls for Melissa, then all bets are off.  Can he find a way to save her from herself?  
Melissa is a woman on a mission with her best friend, a friend that has psychic powers. Her friend’s powers have led them to New Orleans on a quest for the cure to a vampire’s bite!   When Melissa meets Derek her life is forever changed.  He is the one for her, but as her maker’s power begins to strengthen over her there seems to be no hope.  Will she be able to stay strong until they find a cure, deny the pull of her other side?
This novel is jammed packed with hot, sexy alpha males and feisty females that will keep you reading until the last page.  Each character is created with care and plays a vital role in the storyline!  When I finished this book, my next thought was, when will the next one be available? Great job Tia Louise, on this fantastical and unique paranormal romance.
Hero: Derek Alexander 5 stars
Heroine: Melissa Jones 5 stars
Steam: 5 stars 
Plot: 5 stars 

Cliffhanger: No

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review*** 

(A paranormal retelling of the Derek & Melissa story)
© TLM Productions LLC, 2015


Derek’s eyes are on my mouth. I’m breathing so fast, I can see my chest rising and falling as he slams my body against the wall. Pinned again, he looks hard into my eyes before claiming me roughly, forcing my lips apart, and finding my tongue.
A little noise squeaks from my throat. I don’t know why he’s treating me so roughly. I grasp his shoulders, following his movements with mine, hearing his heart beating faster like mine. His blood heats in my veins and moisture pools between my legs. Even frightening and angry, I want him so much.
Without speaking, he takes my hand and leads me to the bed. He lifts my wet dress over my head and steps to drop it in the empty tub, pausing a moment to quickly discard his own wet shirt and jeans. I watch him mesmerized as he takes an oversized towel off the ledge and returns to me. He’s gloriously nude, the low light deepening the lines on his chest and stomach, his enormous cock fully erect.
Touching my hair with the towel, he gives it a few squeezes then spreads it on the bed behind me. Anger mixed with desire is in his eyes. He lifts me and pushes me onto my back then grips my thighs, shoving them open. Immediately, he begins to kiss and lick my center. His soft lips and velvet tongue move slowly over my clit as his beard scrapes the delicate skin of my legs.
“Derek!” My cries join the low growl coming from his throat as heat rockets through my pelvis down to the arches of my feet. Adrenaline is so high in my veins I start to come.
“Oh, god!” The tingling sensation spreads over my gums.
My mouth! He has me trapped on my back against the mattress, his strong arms looped around my legs, large hands holding my hips.
“Derek!” I pull his hair, trying to twist away, to turn my body so he can’t see me, but I’m trapped.
He lets out another low growl, the vibration right against my clit, and he gives me a sharp suck. It’s too late. The muscles in my core tighten irresistibly in response to him. His blood in my veins magnifies everything about him, making him a drug to me. My back arches involuntarily as my teeth shoot out.
“Aaaah!” I let out a long wail, my eyes squeeze shut, and I come hard and shuddering on his mouth, unable to stop the ecstasy.
He doesn’t waste a moment. He’s up and plunging deep between my thighs just as fast, not waiting to see what I’ve become. Both of my wrists are clasped firmly over my head in his iron grasp as he surges on, harder, deeper, groaning as his rocks into me again and again. The friction of him stretching and filling me shudders my body with pleasure. His eyes are closed as he makes his final thrusts again and again as his orgasm reaches its crest.
“Melissa,” he groans low as he comes, pulsing in me, holding me down.
I’m trapped beneath him, tears filling my eyes, uncertain what all of this means or what happens now. He saw what I am, but he didn’t pull away. He held me, watching me writhe in desire and agony, as if he knew what would happen.
Oh, god. A wave of dread tightens my stomach at the thought. He knew what would happen. He knows what I am.
His head drops onto his forearm, but he’s still inside me. I wait until he finally lifts it, again. His eyes linger on my mouth a few desperate moments before he looks straight into my eyes.
He’s so beautifully mouth-watering. Sweat mingles with the rain on his cheek, and a little drop runs into his beard. I know my eyes darken at the sight of him. A whimper escapes my chest as the irresistible hunger burns in my throat.
His brow lowers. “You want to bite me?”

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Google Play: http://bit.ly/1cB7H6X

Grab the entire Series on Amazon here:  http://amzn.to/1K0d4bV

About the Author:
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Tia Louise is the Amazon and International Bestselling author of the ONE TO HOLD series.

From “Readers’ Choice” nominations, to picking up USA Today “Happily Ever After” nods, to winning a 2014 “Lady Boner Award” (LOL!), nothing makes her happier than communicating with fans and weaving new tales into the Alexander-Knight world of stories.

A former journalist, Louise lives in the center of the USA with her lovely family and one grumpy cat. There, she dreams up stories she hopes are engaging, hot, and sexy, and that cause readers rethink common public locations...

Books by Tia Louise:
One to Hold (Derek & Melissa), 2013
One to Keep (Patrick & Elaine), 2014
One to Protect (Derek & Melissa), 2014
One to Love (Kenny & Slayde), 2014
One to Leave (Stuart & Mariska), 2014
One to Save (Derek & Melissa), 2015
One to Chase (Amy & Marcus), 2015
One Immortal (PNR Derek & Melissa), Oct. 12, 2015!
One to Take (Stuart & Mariska), Jan/Feb 2016!

SIGNED COPIES: http://smarturl.it/SignedPBs

Connect with Tia:
Amazon Author Page: http://smarturl.it/TLMAA
Website: Http://www.AuthorTiaLouise.com
Instagram & Twitter: @AuthorTLouise
Tsu.com: https://www.tsu.co/TiaLouise

Grand Prize:  Signed Set of the ENTIRE One to Hold Series
Signed Copy of One Immortal
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