Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review by Shades (Evil Dead MC #3) by Nicole James

Shades hadn’t seen Skylar in years, and now here she was, the love of his life, riding back into his life on the back of a brother’s bike. 

For years after Shades had lost Skylar, he’d tried satisfying the emptiness of losing her with booze, pussy and the club. He’d turned his frustration at having to give her up into a determination to climb the ranks of the club, but he hadn’t counted on the fact that the pull he’d felt toward Skylar had only laid dormant in him all these years. Or that all it would take to reignite it was just one look at her. And he sure as hell hadn’t counted on her showing up on the back of a brother’s bike. 

When Skylar finally comes back into his life, will his desire for earning that VP patch stand in the way of any future he could have with her? 

And when a rival MC shows up looking for Skylar, things go from complicated to damn near impossible. 
Does Skylar come with more baggage than Shades is willing to sign up for?

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Call it kismet, love or lust at first sight but that is exactly what happens in Shades, the Outlaw series book 3.  Author Nicole James sets this exceptional MC Romance in Birmingham, Sweet Home Alabama and seamlessly integrates characters from her previous books into this series.  The development of the new storyline and the continuation of previous ones is a work of pure genius. As you read this novel you will feel as though you are submerged into the life of the Evil Dead MC. Skylar and Shades story of young love lost and then found again is beautifully written, with unforeseen twist and turns that leaves the reader wanting more.

Like is not easy as a prospect to the Evil Dead MC, but is what Shades has always wanted!  That is until he met Skylar.  He knew that he should keep her at arm’s length, but something about her will not let him. When he is given an ultimatum, Skylar or the club, he was not prepared for her to just disappear.  After ten years of emptiness seeing her again, just reinforces the fact that she is his and his alone!  Is it possible for them to turn time back, and reclaim what was lost? There are forces that are still working against them being together again and it will take everything he has to keep her where she belongs, at his side.

Seeing Shades again was the last thing that Skylar wanted, but there he was.  Standing in front of her was Shades wearing his VP patch showing her that he had gone on with his dreams when she disappeared.  Time changes a lot of things but not the connection she had always felt with him.  He broke her heart and now wants to be let back into her life.  There are forces coming after her that can destroy not only her, but also Shades and his club.  Can she take a chance?  Read this MC Romance and find out what happens with Skylar and Shades.  You will not be disappointed that you added this novel to your library, I know that I wasn’t! 

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