Thursday, November 5, 2015

Review of Keep It Simple (MMG IV) by R.B. Hilliard

After living most of her life surrounded by alpha men, Sarah McLellan wants a sensitive, sweet, doting man in her life.

Then she meets Cas.

Cas Ashford is running from his past. With a new job in a new city, he has a fresh outlook on life: Keep it simple.

Then he meets Sarah.

Some things are easier said, than done.

Overall Rating:  4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆

Do you believe in second chances?  Can a person go through hell and back and actually find happiness?  In R.B. Hilliard’s newest novel in her MMG series, Keep it Simple both main characters have been through unspeakable pain, anguish and heart ache.  Only to find that maybe happiness is possible.  With a plot filled and interwoven with suspense and anguish, the author creates an unforgettable crossing of two lonely people who long for love.

Sarah McLellan was tormented at a very young age by her abusive father.  The only light in her life was her older brother, who sent her away when she was a teenager, to protect her.  Now back from Scotland Sarah is ready to live, love and forget her past.  She loves her brother even with his overbearing ways.  With a chance meeting at a bar, Sarah is thrust into the arms of Cas Ashford.  From that moment on she can’t think of anything else but him.  However, Cas has a secret of his own and just wants to keep things simple between them.

Caswell Ashford has been running from his tortured past for the past five years.  Getting mixed up with the wrong people can do that to a person.  Now things are beginning to come together for him, until he meets the woman that can change his mind about everything.  Sarah McLellan.  Cas wants her in a way that he never dreamed possible, but she’s Max McLellan’s little sister and off limits.  Not only that, he can’t let himself fall for someone so hard when he can’t forget or forgive himself for his tainted past.  

In continuing with the MMG series, the author graces us with past characters from the series as well.  I loved the fact that we had the chance to learn more about characters in her previous books.  She has crafted a beautiful story that touches the reader and begs for more.  This is an excellent addition to your library.  If you haven’t read anything by R.B. Hilliard, I recommend picking up the rest of her MMG series today and read them.  They will take you on a journey of passion, love and reconciliation.  

***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***
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